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Apple Designer Jony Ive’s iPad Prototype From Early 2000s Revealed [PHOTOS]

by on July 18th, 2012

Folks at Network World (via The Verge) have recently got their hands on portions of a deposition Apple designer Jony Ive gave at Samsung’s request last year. The documents contained some grainy but revealing photos of “a tablet computer prototype” known as the ‘035 mockup or prototype’, which Jony Ive dates to early-2000’s period. Jony Ive also revealed that that Apple was working on tablet prototypes sometime between 2002 and 2004.

According to the source:

The pictures themselves show a device remarkably similar to what eventually became the iPad in 2010, but with a significantly thicker body — it looks almost like the bottom half of an iBook attached to the more familiar iPad front. There’s no “home” button to speak of, and there’s a slit at the bottom that could be a marker for the iPad’s eventual 30-pin connection port. While the design clearly changed over the ensuing eight years, its pretty remarkable how much of the iPad’s form factor was set in stone so long before it launched.

That prototype’s design sure does appear pretty similar to the original iPad doesn’t it?

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