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Apple Delivery Map Confirms New iPad Orders Will Arrive on March 16th in Canada

by on March 9th, 2012

Yesterday we noted new iPad pre-orders have already moved into the ‘Preparing for Shipment’ phase. Apple noted on deliveries a quote of ‘Delivers: March 16-20’, which means orders will arrive based on delivery zones.

Here is a map Apple posted during the check out process, that clarifies when you should receive your new iPad order. According to the document:

If your delivery quote reads “Delivers: March 16-March 20”, then your new iPad will deliver on March 16 in major cities and surrounding areas (zone 1). Otherwise, if you live in zone 2, your estimated delivery date is March 19, and if you live in zone 3 your estimated delivery date is March 20. Please add 1-2 additional business days for delivery of personalised products or for zones 4 or 5.

If your quote reads “Ships: By March 19”, this map does not apply. You will receive your new iPad within 7 days after shipping.

Zone 1 cities according to the map below include Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, and St. John’s. This information means your new iPad should arrive on March 16th for Zone 1 cities, the day of the launch. During last year’s iPhone 4S pre-order, many people including myself received their orders on the morning of the launch too.

What ‘zone’ are you in?

Thanks @Senators24!

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  • Hiltonroutley

    Hi gary, do you think zone 1 includes Kelowna, BC? it’s only a couple hours away from Vancouver and it seems like it’s in the dark blue area

  • I’m in zone 1 (woodbridge), but the order status is still at processing items, so I assume I won’t be getting anything on launch day

  • warpdrive

    Zone 1 baby. Ohhhhh yeah! Lol.

  • xyber

    Zone 1 but still “Processing”

  • In Muskoka, ordered yesterday and it’s “Preparing for Shipment”. YAY!

  • Looks to be in zone 1 to me 🙂

  • Zone 1 for me, too! So pumped! Order is still being processed, though.

  • Brian

    Zone 1 – ordered on Wed. Afternoon and they’ve charged my CC. Hopefully they’ll ship soon!

  • sk19

    I got my order in on launch day and got my order number in an email (saying also March 16-20 delivery), along with “we are processing your order and will send you an email confirmation shortly.”  I still have not gotten that confirmation, and the order does not show up in my account history on the Apple store either.  Anyone else in this situation?  Kinda frustrating to read other comments that say their CC has been charged or they’re tracking their shipment already…

  • Ed

    in Zone 1; but wondering what the actual arrival time would be… hope it is in the morning..

  • skratche

    Zone 1 and status is “preparing for shipment”.

  • London, Ontario – “Preparing for shipment” 

  • Karen

    Has anyone looked closely at the labels on this map??????? Apparently I live in PEI …… and to think I thought I was a born and bred Newfoundlander. Yikes, maybe I’ll never receive my new iPad because they won’t find me.

  • Hiltonroutley

    thanks I needed a confirmation haha

  • Edmonton

    I bought mine as soon as the Apple site started functioning.  It is engraved but it is already in Anchorage, Alaska.  So, if it’s shipping as fast as the non-engraved ones, I hope I will get mine on the 16th (even though it said 19th when ordering).

  • Steve

    Almost…nits a long line that crosses newfieland.

  • Shuether


  • Faesal Murad

    i live in victoria BC , what zone am i ?

  • Anyone in canada who got his order shipped ??? we’re saturday and if we’re in zone 1…. it better get shipped really soon…..

  • im

    Some people have, but none in central Canada that I have seen. One poster down below has one coming to Edmonton which is already in Alaska. Maybe they figure they can get an iPad to Toronto or Montreal quickly so they should get less popular places out first?

  • wongnog

    Didn’t put in my order til thursday afternoon, so my order is still processing with availability by March 19. Live in zone 1 (Toronto). Also ordered a new smart cover and that one is shipping already, should arrive by mar 13-15.

  • Fiona

    I have been tracking my order that I placed on launch day. On Friday it moved from China to Hong Kong to Alaska and it is now spending some time in Kentucky. I’m in zone 1 as well. Kinda baffling the mileage that device is making–it’ll travel more kms than me this year! 😉

  • Michael Simon

    has anyone in zone 1 received the ipad yet? i am in downtown Toronto and the UPS status tells me that the package is not even on the truck yet … UPS on the phone can’t confirm that the iPads are in their Concord warehouse …… what’s going on?  

  • Received this AM in Vancouver. Hmm…call UPS and find out. That’s weird.