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Apple Canada Removes iPad 2 Reservation System, Back To First-Come, First-Served

by on April 26th, 2011

We got a quick tip this morning that effective 8AM local time, Apple will be removing the existing iPad Reservation system via “Reserve and Pickup” and reinstating the first-come, first-served system. Apple has reportedly caught up with demand and iPad devices are now more easily available.

For those unfamiliar with the matter, at the end of March 2011, Apple created an online reservation system for iPad. This allowed Apple to more easily control supply of the iPad and also to eliminate the long lines outside many Apple Stores.

As of 8AM today, Apple will now sell iPads on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you’re looking for an iPad and live near an Apple Store, instead of ordering online, just venture into your friendly neighbourhood Apple Store and pick up your iPad 2!

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  • Wuju

    I’ve been looking at it for past couple of nights and it’s always slim picking and it’s gone faster than I can click. I prefer walk in at this point.

  • Wuju

    Just checked but I still see the online reservation available.

  • D R

    Apple Canada: Is there anything less we could possibly do for you?

  • Noipad2

    At 2011-04-27 15:25 CDT, The Canadian online reservation for iPad 2’s still exists and the links all work.
    How reliable is the source of this news?

    Just how available are the iPad 2’s? Can anyone confirm walking into an Apple Store in the Greater Toronto Area and buying an iPad 2 without lining-up?

  • Wuju

    Was at the apple store and they do sell it to you now without lining up but all they have was the white model with all its capacity but the black ones. I prefer the black one. Are the Apple stores get a shipping daily?

  • Apaterson

    Apple can say supply has caught up with demand when I can walk into an Apple store at any time of day and find the model and colour I want. This morning there were 0 of any model or colour available at the Sherway store at opening. Thanks for wasting my time Apple. The reservation system was a pain to use because there was such limited supply not an abundance, but it worked. You got a pick up time and you could be in and out and pick up the accessories you wanted in 15 mins.

  • Ryan

    Thanks Apple Canada for nothing and wasting my time. I went to the apple store fairview yesterday morning and today morning. Guess what. 0 iPad’s available. Put back the reservation system till your supply is actually caught up.

  • Wuju

    Ditto. Complete wast of time here too. Zero stocks everywhere

  • Noipad2

    Totally agree with previous posters… To Apple management: Bring back the reservation system until you actually have stock at the stores!

    I visited the Fairview mall Apple Store 3 times in as many days and was told each time that they had ZERO stock for Ipad 2. Employees keep saying they don’t know when they get shipments and all they can say was keep checking.

  • Ryan

    I agree. I have been checking all 5 apple stores around Toronto. No stock since last week. Com’n Apple Canada. Get your act together.