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Apple Begins Taking International Preorders; Next Up, Canada

by on May 9th, 2010

Earlier this evening, Apple began to update some of its international online stores to begin accepting preorders for the iPad WiFi and iPad WiFi + 3G.

Apple has announced that preorders would go live on May 10, 2010 for an international launch date of May 28, 2010. While the preorders have gone live early for some countries, not all have the access yet, such as Japan and Canada.

The countries that are able to preorder the iPad WiFi and iPad 3G + WiFi through Apple’s online store include Germany, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, the UK, and Switzerland. Japan and Canada have not gone live yet, but definitely will starting May 10, 2010.

Also note that just as with the U.S. launch, preorders of the iPad are limited to two per customer.

Worldwide pricing for the iPad models are as follows:

iPad WiFi

  • 16GB: €479 Europe, £429 U.K., $549 Canada, $629 Australia
  • 32GB: €579 Europe, £499 U.K., $649 Canada, $759 Australia
  • 64GB: €679 Europe, £599 U.K., $749 Canada, $879 Australia

iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

  • 16GB: €579 Europe, £529 U.K., $679 Canada, $799 Australia
  • 32GB: €679 Europe, £599 U.K., $779 Canada, $928 Australia
  • 64GB: €779 Europe, £699 U.K., $879 Canada, $1,049 Australia


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  • I can't wait!

  • dave

    its past midnight in some countries dumb ass

  • I can't wait!

  • dave

    its past midnight in some countries dumb ass

  • loupetron

    Nor can I. Will we be able to pre-order after midnight???? Please.

  • newmark888

    It's past 12am eastern, no ability to order over here. This should be the link when it's up:


    If you replace the “ca” after “.com/” with uk, au, or us it takes you to the respective pre order site for the country so I can only assume Canada will be the same.

  • We would hope so or hours later.


    Sent from my iPad

  • ac

    won't make a difference, they all arrive on May 28, so ordering tonight or during the day tmr doesn't make a difference

  • newmark888

    steve jobs already made that joke.

  • tornadogirl

    I was really hoping to order at midnight EST. Probably have to wait til midnight PST- not staying up that late!

  • Looking at iPad data plans on Swisscom (I'm half-Swiss; besides, it's in French and the Swiss Franc is close to the Canadian Dollar). They sound rather decent:
    But even the normal plans aren't that bad, so the difference may not be so huge:
    Orange CH also offers iPad plans. You pay 5$/day but it's unlimited:
    The normal unlimited plan is 50$:
    So, the iPad plans are mostly more convenient.

    Dunno if it'll be the same here, but in CH, you don't have to get a SIM, when you order an iPad WiFi + 3G. We keep talking about Rogers but it sounds likely that other carriers will be able to sell us 3G data for the iPad. They're not announcing anything yet, though.

  • I was replying via email on my iPad. Too lazy to delete the default signature.

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  • jgsaxton

    The Canadian Apple store is down for updating………..here we go!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

  • “The Canadian Apple store is down for updating…here we go!”
    Got my card ready.

  • Apple must love days like this–people just anticipating the chance to spend
    their cold hard cash on the latest Apple toys.

  • Hey! The iPad's not a toy!

  • Of course I know it's not a toy–it's a magical device! and I love mine! 😉

  • jgsaxton

    Sure would like to know about 3G plans………………. come on Rogers, enough waiting already!!!

  • Tom

    Apple Store in Canada is down. Should be here shortly!

  • Tom

    250MB per month $15.00
    5GB per month $35.00
    Add iPad to your existing Rogers data plan $20.00

    not bad for Robbers!!

  • jgsaxton

    All ordered and on its way!! Rogers 3G plans look alot better than I expected……AWESOME DAY!!!! Any ideas for the best case to get without taking away the beauty of it?!

  • Ordered the standard case but I might like the one with room for Bluetooth keyboard.

  • another canuck

    Apple store finally online again!!

    Just ordered a 64GB 3G, though for me 3G = GPS only as I don't plan on using the 3G. (but the extra cash for the 3G is worth it just for the GPS features……) I can always tether to the iphone with the 6GB / month plan via MyWi.

  • Agreed. It's still doesn't show up on Rogers.com and we don't know if it's flexible in any way, but it's as similar to AT&T as I'd have expected. Assuming it's contract-free (like anywhere else)…

  • budcolby

    Got mine Pre-Ordered at 12:46 Mountain Time

  • 16GB+3G, SIM, case, VGA, wireless, and Mobile, with taxes: $1,024.00. Exactly 1K$.