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Apple Announces Two Million iPad Units Sold

by on May 31st, 2010

This morning Apple announced that it has sold over two million iPad units in less than 60 days since the device’s initial USA launch on April 3, 2010. The one million unit milestone was met on May 3, 2010, 28 days since the original launch date.

Apple today announced that iPad sales have topped two million in less than 60 days since its launch on April 3. Apple began shipping iPad in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK this past weekend. iPad will be available in nine more countries in July and additional countries later this year.

Also of note in the press release, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a few words,

“Customers around the world are experiencing the magic of iPad, and seem to be loving it as much as we do,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We appreciate their patience, and are working hard to build enough iPads for everyone.”

With Apple Stores selling out of iPad units across Canada and the other retailers (Future Shop, etc) selling out as well, Apple continues to deal with shortage problems for the iPad. However the supply issues are not only evident in Canada, but in the USA as well.

By comparison, Apple sold two million iPod units in under two years from the iPod original launch date and took four months to sell two million iPhone units.


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  • Jerry

    No wonder why this device is selling like hot cakes. Its amazing. It fills the void between smart phones and notebooks/laptops. I only wish it existed sooner. I'm already dreaming about the next gen iPad with its front/back facing cameras, OLED screen and more storage. That's going to be epic.

  • Jerry

    No wonder why this device is selling like hot cakes. Its amazing. It fills the void between smart phones and notebooks/laptops. I only wish it existed sooner. I'm already dreaming about the next gen iPad with its front/back facing cameras, OLED screen and more storage. That's going to be epic.

  • You are spot on. For those who are dogging on the iPad, use it for a week before doing so. The iPad is the real deal for what it's meant to do. It's not a laptop replacement, which a lot of people can't get out of their heads!

  • Kevin

    I bought the 64GB WiFi on Friday from BestBuy and realized that (a) I want the 3G and (b) don't need that much memory, so I want to exchange for the 16 GB 3G…. any idea when the Future Shop and BestBuy stocks will be replenished?

    I agree with the above… I love the iPad – I just want access to the net not just at home and work now!

  • SON

    I have my ipad 32gig 3G since friday… and im lovin it…. my 4 yr old son loves it too..he plays with it more than the ipod touch now ,,, the battery last a long time … awesome

  • djepsilon

    I am simply blown away with the iPad. It is so much more then a big ipod touch. As someone who dislikes using laptops (much prefer a desktop) this thing is PERFECT for me. The fact that it's NOT a laptop I think is what I love so much about it. I totally agree though Gary, any skeptics only need to use it for a couple days to be convinced of the “magic-ness”.

  • The battery is one of the most impressive features. It's pretty crazy how long it lasts!

  • I'd say give it a week or two for stocks to be replenished. Like with any Apple product launch it's all about patience! You could try returning your iPad to BB, and try finding another iPad at a different store, possibly a reseller.

  • Mega

    I agree. This was never meant to be a laptop or desktop replacement. 90% of the iPads purpose is to allow people a new way to CONSUME media…..not really to create it. Which is why this device is so popular. It was built with media consumption in mind, from the ground up. And it does so with flying colors. There's nothing like having the ability to access media, INSTANTLY….no boot up necessary. simply instant access and in brilliant, vibrant colors.

    Apple was a genius to come up with this one, because it doesn't cannibalize its Macbook business, nor does it cannibalize its desktop business as well as the iPod business. This is all net new revenues coming to them.

    And to say that this device is just a big iPod Touch…..is like saying the car is just a bicycle with two more wheels. Just the bigger screen alone allows for an experience with media consumption that is simply night-and-day difference with what can be achieved with an iphone or an ipod touch. Seriously….night and day.

    Just my two cents.

  • Mega

    The Future Shop here in Markham, Ontario told me that the 60 iPads they had sold out in 1 hour. And they do not expect new stock for at least a month.

  • Edge

    I've had my iPad for a few days and love it! I actually like that it doesn't use a full blown OS. It's snappy and responsive and the apps are great. I did jailbreak it right away, but it would be great even without that. The battery life is great, and the screen brightness is awesome (I often have it all the way done without any problems).

    To be honest, 16 GB is fine for me (I don't plan on carrying around all my media library, that's what the iPhone is for). I have 3 movies on it, tons of apps, quite a few documents, eBooks, etc., and still have almost 8 gigs free. For me, I'm not missing the 3G because I usually don't need it and can tether it to my iPhone. If is was like a $49 upgrade instead of $129, I might have got it just for fun, but probably wouldn't pay $15-$35 extra a month for a data plan.

    No, it's not a computer, but it can take the place for many things. If I travel, there will be many times where I'll just take the iPad and a keyboard.

  • Xaroc

    I got mine on Saturday, and wow… i cant put it down… i brought it over to my parents place, my brother and both parents had fun with it. about 5-6 hours between them all non-stop battery was at 66% after they were finished. Amazing…

    2 Mil. sold. imagine if they didnt keep selling out lol 2.2 mil, 2.5?

  • appDevious

    Yeah, the battery lasts longer, but it takes longer to charge too. So it's a trade off. I can get about a 50% charge on my iphone in about an hour. I find I get only about 15% on my pad in the same time.

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  • stonee

    “ipad has a minimal effect on the sales of mac”. Maybe this data of ipad will become Three million, but i won't feel surprise about it. Apple have surprised me with ipad lauch in America in 3 april.

  • chantellejoy

    “And to say that this device is just a big iPod Touch…..is like saying the car is just a bicycle with two more wheels. “

    Honestly, I was in the “Just a big iPod Touch” Camp until I read this. I'm going to have to go test it out now…

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  • zaraly

    I am one of the two million lucky owners of an iPad and absolutely LOVE IT!!!

    I am actually submitting this comment on it right now. It is way more than a large iPod and is proving to be very useful in my home. I have both iBooks and Kindle books I am reading, movies to watch, web surfing, email, and much more, all on a device that is more convenient than either my Mac Mini or my MacBook Pro. It easily fills that “middle gap” between a desktop and laptop. I can't wait to see what iPad developers come up with for this new plaform that go way beyond just “larger iPod apps”.Look here best free apps for the iPad and best free iPad games.

  • zholy

    love ipad! lol!

  • Reginald

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  • lorand

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