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App Review: Dock Clock

by on April 25th, 2010

The iPad has been released in the US for less than a month, but we are already seeing so many uses for this awesome device. It is truely becoming a new level of mobile computing.

The hardware is incredible, but it is just a platform for what really makes this device shine: the apps. I’m always on the lookout for a simple app, that allows me to use the iPad in way I hadn’t thought of. When I bought my iPad, I got the iPad dock at the same time. Typically, I just use it for charging, which is something you don’t really have to do that often with the iPad. When it is on the dock, I usually have it turned off, or I might turn on the slide show.

While browsing the App Store, I found this little gem: Dock Clock, from developer Tridrops. It is an incredibly simple app, that is really useful. For me, that is the perfect storm for a great app. The Dock Clock, is not just a clock for your iPad, it also displays date, local weather forecast and current weather conditions. When you start it up, it asks to use you location, and automatically adjusts to show weather conditions, where ever you live. You can tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the settings. You then have options to set 24hr mode, autolock, show seconds, show metric, and set the screen to dim at a certain time.

One glaring omission from this app, is there is no alarm. This could easily be integrated to make this an awesome alarm clock. They could also add streaming internet radio, to wake up to, or have the app talk to the iPod app, to play music from there. Hopefully, we’ll see these features in a future update.

UPDATE: The developer has contacted me to say they are adding alarm clock functionality, as we speak, and will be available in a future update!

Overall, the Dock Clock is a great, simple app, that adds another use to you iPad. It is available in the App Store now, for $2.99.

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