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Almost 95% Of Tablet Web Traffic Is Generated By iPad

by on May 5th, 2012

Apple has been the global leader in tablet market share ever since it introduced the first iPad back in 2010. While iPad’s market share continues to grow steadily, its major tablet competitors struggle to keep up as indicated by a recent study from Chitika Insights. The study analyzed the popularity of popular tablets by querying an ad network for impressions stemming from a tablet of any sort.  From there, the data was sorted out into categories of the various tablet devices which revealed that the iPad was “overwhelmingly dominant” versus the competition.

According to Chitika Insights:

Based off of impressions across our network, the iPad accounted for 94.64% of all tablet based traffic.  This is impressive in and of itself but to put this number into perspective, the next closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy tablet, boasts a lack luster market share of 1.22%.  Coming in last, in respect to traffic share, was the Barnes and Noble Nook with a meager 0.53% traffic share.  In defense of the Nook, it is used primarily as an e-reader, with the capabilities of a tablet.

Going forward the competition is going to be hard pressed to find a way to overthrow the seemingly omnipotent Apple.  Not only do they offer a great product they have the undying devotion of their enthusiasts.  Thus far Apple’s iPad offering has been able to thwart any attempt by competitors to develop a rival (or even equivalent product).

Today, tablets have become increasingly popular computing devices and it seems evident that this trend will be persistent in the future.

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