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5 People Charged For Operating A Chinese Boy Who Sold His Kidney To Buy An iPad

by on April 6th, 2012

Last year, we reported how a 17-year-old Chinese teenager sold one of his kidney for 20,000 yuan to buy an Apple iPad. Turns out, the poor kid, who goes by the name Wang, is not doing so well now as his renal deficiency keeps getting worse every day. As a result, five persons have been charged with intentional injury related to the operation according to Reuters (via 9to5Mac). The report says that Wang is suffering from severe renal deficiency and is in a potentially life-threatening condition.

(Image via Giz-China)

According to the source:

I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but could not afford it,” said the boy […]. “A broker contacted me on the Internet and said he could help me sell one kidney for 20,000 yuan.” 

On April 28th, the boy went to Chenzhou City in neighboring Hunan Province for the kidney removal surgery arranged by the broker. He was paid 22,000 yuan (an extra 2,000–) or $3,400 after his right kidney was taken out at Chenzhou’s famous No. 198 Hospital.

The report also clams that one of the 5 defendants earned 220,000 yuan (or $35,000 USD) to arrange the transplant, and then he paid Wang 22,000 yuan for the kidney and split the remainder with the surgeon, three other defendants, and various medical staff.

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  • GamingSV

    IMHO I dont think they should be charged. It was the boy who decided to proceed with the procedure, he was not forced. It was a consensual operation. He should’ve done more research on what would happen if someone lost a kidney.

  • superfiddle

    Assuming a 17 year old can legally make the decision.