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1Password for the iPad Preview

by on February 18th, 2010

One of my most used apps on my MacBook Pro is none other than 1Password. Hands down, it is the best applications ever created for the Mac. 1Password for the iPhone is equally good as you can sync all your data to the iPhone. What about 1Password for the iPad?

1Password Mockups for the iPad by the Agile Team

Yesterday the Agile team posted on their blog a couple images of what 1Password for the iPad might look like. Let me be honest and say these early mock ups look amazing. Here’s what the Agile team had to say:

I hope it comes as no surprise that we’re planning, plotting, and otherwise scheming to bring 1Password to the iPad in a big way. But if you are surprised, well… surprise! I hope it’s good news, because we’re really excited about our progress. So excited, in fact, that we feel like sharing some of our design concepts with you.

We aren’t content to leave you with using that 2x button on our iPhone app. It’s an iPhone app! And while it is the Best 1Password iPhone App Ever (if we may so humbly say ourselves), the iPad is an entirely different beast, and we’re giving it the utmost attention it deserves. Keep in mind that the following screenshots are design mockups from deep within our labs. They aren’t finished or even working models yet, and you wouldn’t believe what I had to go through to be able to post them publicly. Honestly, don’t bother asking, because I can’t tell.

This is only ‘part 1’ of 1Password for the iPad, so when the final product is released we can expect it’s going to be great. Images below:

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