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The iPad Plays Music Too!

by on August 26th, 2010

So by now, most of us already know about the Apple special event that is coming up on September 1st. With an Apple logo as the sound hole of guitar, that just may be a *subtle* hint that this event will be focused on the musical side of Apple.

Of course as with any special Apple event, there are rumors flying all over the place already. Some rumors about small changes such as a camera on an iPod Touch, to drastic design changes like an iPod Nano decreasing its size by losing the trackwheel.

So aside from all of this, what about us with the iPad? The iPad can be considered a music device too right?  We use it for music while we’re doing work or playing games on that nice large surface of ours. Does that mean we’ll be getting a nice update too?

Despite its music playing capabilities, I think that getting a new redesign at this time would be unlikely just because the iPad is only 5 months old. But what about the things that are possible? With the new iPod Touch running iOS4 now, we may finally get the chance to see iOS4 come alive for the iPad. One of the main things of iOS4 would be the possiblity of multi-tasking (sure folders are cool, but multi-tasking is much more exciting!).

By adding multi-tasking, an iPad will finally fill that gap between a handheld device and a laptop. Also, Apple has been making more of their own accessories for the products they are selling. Maybe they might crank out a few more neat external outputs/devices and cases for our iPads?

And how could we forget about that wonderful App Store? Apple has been known to update iTunes with new features (jailbreakers, think before you update) after every music event, and that means new functions for iBooks or the App Store (I can always hope it’s not just a security update)!

So what else do you think this special event of Apple will include? Remember to share it with us in the comments section below!

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