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Feature Creep: Is iOS 5 too bloated?

by on July 12th, 2011

With iOS 5 b3 released yesterday, we’re ever so slowly edging closer to the final Gold Master and ultimate public release of iOS 5. In the past few weeks I’ve been playtesting the latest and greatest, I’ve often found myself frustrated and annoyed with the platform, and not necessarily because of its inherent bugginess or stability. After all, it’s beta software and there is always something wrong.

My biggest issue with iOS 5 is the over abundant feature set that seemingly does very little to enhance my overall experience, and oftentimes feel they were tacked on as a “me too” features. With every firmware upgrade on my iPad, I also notice slight performance loss and battery life degradation. The extent is so large that these issues are noticeably obvious on my iPad 1, and it is barely a year old.

There are plenty of features both new and old that would easily fit this category – FaceTime, “multitasking”, Notification Center just to name a few. While I won’t deny that these features offer some kind of benefit, one must ask where one would draw the line and say No. Implementing this feature would make the platform unusable. With the continued runaway success of the iPad and pressure from Android to innovate rapidly, I’m concerned that the iOS team is squeezed into a cold war over features that will never satiate Apple, developers or users.

While I can appreciate Apple wanting to continually sell a new device year over year (and I’d still be continually happy to buy one), I yearn for the olden days when Apple products simply last forever. I still remember using my old, pre-owned iBook that stood the test of time past all my other PCs until Apple ultimately discontinued support when it adopted the Intel chipset. What happened to the everlasting quality and backward compatibility support that you were once so good at, Apple?

Still, I digress. iOS 5 is still a good leap forward for the platform, but I just worry over how the OS cold war will play out, and whether or not my poor little iPad will survive it.

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