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Canadian iBookstore Now LIVE with Paid Books?

by on June 7th, 2010

Update 1, 11:33 PST, June 7/10: Looks like AgentSix reports of a glitch in switching between US and Canadian iTunes accounts. This could make this story a dud. Updates coming…

The iPad launched in Canada on May 28th along with other countries around the world. People have been able to download the iBooks app in Canada (which will soon support notes and PDF viewing), however the iBookstore has lacked paid books. It looks like as of tonight the Canadian iBookstore has finally gone LIVE with paid books. A quick heads up from AgentSix via twitter shows that the option to buy paid books (versus the free books) is now available.

We’re going to have live updates on this story as it develops…here’s a screenshot courtesy of AgentSix:

This seems to be rolling out slowly so please let us know if the iBookstore is live with paid options on your iPad!

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  • Nothing for me in regards to paid apps right now. 🙁

  • Wuju

    Nothing for me either

  • ShevCharko

    My iBookstore is still populating with only the public domain content. Fingers crossed the rest of the store opens up so we can get some newer content soon!!

  • wuju

    nothing yet 🙁

  • Tim

    I've noticed that if I login to my US iTunes account and then switch to my Canadian account that paid books show up in the iBooks store. However, it's not actually possible to purchase any of the books. As far as I can tell the iBookstore is still limited to free books here in Canada. Hopefully this will change soon. In the meantime, it's a good change to catch up on the classics! Kindle is always an option as well.

  • Sorry for the false alarm, it seems like some glitch. I've never logged into US store on my new iPad but I do have a couple old US apps on it, copied via finder from another Mac (not the one I sync to). I think one of those US apps showed up yesterday in the update list in iTunes on the iPad – after that, even though my Cdn account seemed connected to iBooks I started seeing US books? I was able to download all sorts of free samples, all the while showing my Cdn account name at bottom of iBook screen. But then I clicked on my account info and I could only see the freee books again

    Oh well – I hope they turn on the real content soon, iBooks is pretty useless otherwise.

  • rcs_1

    It was available this morning for me, but when I tried to purchase a book it would not allow me to. Just checked 5 minutes ago and it is back to the free content only. Too bad there are a couple of great books I was looking forward to purchasing.

  • Randy

    Why not just use Kobo? The app is free, the selection is massive and they bill in CAD. It'll be nice to have the full iBooks live, but I doubt I'll choose it over Kobo unless they're cheaper. From what I've seen of the US store, they're not.

  • markuspirker

    Kobo will be very pleased about that 🙂

  • Lauren

    this is not true!!!! i have my ipad, and it looks as if nothing as changed. i can only get free books. is there something wrong with mine?

  • Wuju

    no same boat. question is when are we getting the full experience that is the iBook store.

  • joe

    As soon as Apple and the Canadian Book Publishers come to an agreement on royalties.

  • Lauren

    that might be forever!!! but i will wait

  • Not seeing any paid books in the ibookstore just yet. Installed the Kindle reader and a book – works great! I really like this app. The iBookstore will be cool once the content is there but for now you probably can't go wrong with the Kindle or Kobo readers.

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  • Yup! I found the same thing this evening. The catalyst for looking came from an email I received from Apple, touting the glories of iBookstore. I thought that was weird – considering it didn't have any paid books in there yet, so I went to take a look. Bought my first one tonight. Awesome!

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