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Review: ToDo for iPad by Appigo + Giveaway

by on May 18th, 2010

Since I purchased my iPad I have been fighting an uphill battle trying to sync everything between my Macbook Pro, my iPad, my iPhone and my Windows server. While this is still an ongoing process, I have managed to sift through the dozens of “cloud” apps that claim to be the best at what they do and I am pretty close to developing a system that works seamlessly and is always in sync and up to date across all of my computers and devices.

One of the areas that presented the most trouble for me was managing my ToDo list. I’m always working on several projects at once, each of which spans a few weeks. Throughout the course of each project there is a fair amount email correspondence, meeting requests and file transfers, each of which is very easy to lose control of in terms of organization.

Having tried every GTD app that is currently available for the iPhone and the iPad I have decided to stick with ToDo by Appigo.

I’m not saying that ToDo for iPad isn’t without it’s flaws, however, this app does outshine the competition in both design and functionality.

The Interface

ToDo for iPad has a great interface design. The list is easy to control and understand, the settings are very straight forward, and they’ve included the ability to sync with Toodledo.com. WiFi sync is also available, however, I’m more of a “cloud” guy. If I have to sync via WiFi I may as well just use my Macbook and leave the iPad on the coffee table to display pretty pictures.

Aside from the easy to use interface they also give you the option to change the colour scheme, which is pointless in terms of functionality, but still a nice touch.

Syncing & Organizing

ToDo for iPad syncs seamlessly with Toodledo.com from my experience. You can opt to sync on startup and you can manually sync by clicking the sync icon on the bottom right side of the screen. Sync time is fast enough for even the most impatient person, myself included.

If you have ToDo installed on your iPhone it’s basically a carbon copy of the iPad lists. Although I have my iPad with me most of the day, there is still the odd situation when I’m out or at a friends and I need to quickly jot down a task or update a project list. It’s nice to know that if I use my iPhone it will be on my iPad when I get home.

The feature I use most on ToDo is the Project feature. You can create a Project in a category folder and add tasks to the project. Basically, my main list contains a HOME and ERRANDS category followed by a category for each of my clients. Under each client I either add a Project with sub-tasks, a checklist or a standard task. It’s very convenient when tracking the progress of multiple tasks/projects for one customer.

ToDo also incorporates the usual starred items, @contexts, focus items and a general inbox for adding tasks on the fly and organizing them later.


Overall, ToDo is the best app out there in terms of GTD that I have tried. A better “cloud” sync option as well as better integration with iCal via the cloud would makes this app 100%.

For those of you interested in an easy to use, fully functional ToDo app for your iPad I would give ToDo for iPad a shot. Especially now while they are offering it at a lower introductory price of $4.99.

Pros: Great interface. Easy to use. Easy to sync via Toodledo.

Cons: Startup time is a bit slow, syncing between iPhone and iPad sometimes caused my lists to be separated. No “cloud” support other than Toodledo and no “cloud” integration for iCal, but I don’t believe anyone is offering this feature at the moment.

Some things I’d like to see: Exchange support, DropBox support, Google Calendar support, the ability to add images or link files to lists, the ability to integrate Mail app to allow emails to be linked to tasks or projects (although I know this last one Apple won’t like).


Want to win a copy of ToDo for iPad?

1.) Post a comment below telling us about your current setup and how this app would be an important part of your app arsenal.

2.) Follow @ipadincanada as well as @thiscantbe_it on Twitter and show some love.

Winner will be chosen randomly. Contest ends May 22nd.

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