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iPad + Velcro Video Posted on Apple Website
by on June 28, 2010

You have to come up with something pretty spectacular to get noticed by Apple. How about a viral video demonstrating the amazing multipurpose uses of the iPad with the help of some Velcro? That is exactly what Jesse Rosten did with his video of his iPad escapades. His video was seen all over the world and now it’s featured on Apple’s website. Here’s the description:

iPad owner Jesse Rosten created this … Read More

The iPad and iPhone Promo Videos That Missed The Cut
by on June 19, 2010

Part of Apple’s incredible success, aside from making exceptional products is the power of their marketing campaigns. Most Apple product videos illustrate clearly why you should buy their product spoken from the mouths of Apple personnel.

Here are a couple iPad and iPhone promo videos that I’m pretty sure missed the cut on the editing room floor. Sit back and get ready to have a few chuckles starrin Jonny Five, … Read More

USB Typewriter for the iPad [Video]
by on June 16, 2010

Typing on the iPad is fairly simple if you are writing a few sentences. However, any more than that you will get irritated and require the help of a Bluetooth keyboard. Want to have some real fun on your iPad and kick it old school? How old are we talking about? How about a USB Typewriter for your iPad?

The USBTypewriterâ„¢ is a new and groundbreaking innovation in the field of … Read More

How to Make an iPad and iPhone Walk Together
by on June 11, 2010

Here’s our fun Friday videos of the week–a video of an iPad walking along with its sibling the iPhone. The following video comes from YouTube user PachimonDotCom. He made the original walking iPhone and now he’s ported this over to the iPad. It’s amazing what people can create when they have the spare time and knowledge.

Here’s the video of the walking iPad and iPhone:

…and here’s the original walking … Read More

Video: Melting An iPad with Blowtorches For a Cause
by on June 10, 2010

We’ve seen some pretty destructive iPad videos. Take for example the guys with the baseball bat, and the PC World stress test and the Will it Blend guy. People seem to destroy iPads for no apparent reason–until now.

One particular group called Project Green Apple has filmed an iPad being melted with blowtorches. Their message is to support Wintek factory workers (makers of iPhone/iPad displays for Apple) that … Read More

Latest iPad Real Life Feel Good Videos
by on June 3, 2010

The Canadian iPad launch has been quite a success, as many people have purchased their iPads. If you missed out on the launch, you can check out some pictures here, read about where to buy an iPad, read our iPad review, and our summary of iPad 3G data plans from Rogers, Bell, and Telus.

People who have finally nabbed an iPad to use have realized that … Read More

Steve Jobs at D8 Talks iPad: “We’ve Sold 1 Every 3 Seconds Since Launch”
by on June 2, 2010

Steve Jobs was one of the featured guests at the Wall Street Journal’s annual D: All Things Digital conference. Yesterday he talked with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher about a variety of topics including: Flash, how the tablet concept started, and information about the iPad’s success.

Did you know Apple first started with the tablet concept for the iPad, before the iPhone? Yes, that’s right. Check out the following dialogue … Read More

iPad Jailbreaking, and Must Have Apps
by on May 30, 2010

Since there are now a lot more Canadians with iPads, as of this weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to go over jailbreaking, and why it might be for you. We may have talked about this already, but I’m sure there are quite a few new visitors to the site, now that the iPad is finally available in Canada.

Let’s start fresh. What is jailbreaking? Jailbreaking … Read More

30 Second Coat Hanger iPad Stand
by on May 24, 2010

From the moment the iPad was released, people have been devising the most interesting iPad stands. So far we’ve covered the 89 cent iPad stand, the hockey puck stand, and the official Apple Dock and iPad Case (which I love). If you’re looking for a cheap iPad stand you can easily make one out of a coat hanger. Say what?! Yes, that’s right, a coat hanger.

Check out … Read More

New Apple iPad Commercial: What is iPad?
by on May 13, 2010

Apple’s marketing team comes up with some pretty neat commercials. Just think of the Mac vs PC ads, “There’s an app for that” iPhone commercials, and more. With the iPad, a new commercial launched that seems to break from the simplistic Apple trend (the first iPad commercial debuted during the Grammy Awards). The flow of the commercial and the voiceover reminded me of a Droid Does commercial more … Read More

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