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Samsung Planning To Launch A Retina Display Tablet Before iPad 3?
by on December 10, 2011

BGR is reporting that Samsung is planning to launch its own retina-display tablet that will carry a screen with resolution as high as 2560 x 1600. According to the many rumors that we have heard so far, iPad 3 will sport a display with resolution of 2048×1536 which is far less than what Samsung is reportedly aiming for, ie. 2560 x 1600. But this could also be due to the large screen size … Read More

Slimmer iPad 3 With Low-Power Retina Display Coming Soon?
by on November 24, 2011

A couple of days back, we reported a rumor suggesting that iPad 3 will be thicker than the current iPad 2, though not as thick as the original iPad. However, a new report by Forbes (via Mac Rumors) from analyst Peter Misek suggests that Apple has invested $500 million to $1 billion in new equipment which will allow Sharp to produce the iPad 3 displays using technology permitting a thinner and lower-power … Read More

Do We Need a 3G/4G iPad?
by on September 13, 2011

When the original iPad came out a little more than a year ago, I immediately jumped onto the 3G bandwagon and had a blast running around town iPadding around town safe with the knowledge that I would be constantly connected to my online life. Over time, though, the 3G shine slowly faded. I often found myself paying a lot for the connection (with Telus at the time) that I’m not … Read More

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launch Delayed In Australia Due To Samsung-Apple Lawsuit
by on August 1, 2011

A report from Bloomberg today indicates that the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung has taken a very tangible turn with Samsung delaying the launch of its upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Australia. The device has been delayed in Australia until a lawsuit filed by Apple is resolved.

Samsung, based in Suwon, South Korea, agreed to stop advertising the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia and not to sell the … Read More

Know Thy Enemy – Less Hypocritical Thoughts on the Android Tablet
by on June 28, 2011

As a member of the iPad community, I’ve often been very critical of competitive tablet platforms, perhaps hypocritically. Afterall, I haven’t owned an Android tablet and really had no reason to; I loved the iPad. More recently, though, the Asus Transformer caught my eye and I decided to pick one up to play-test with it, and I was completely shocked. To fully jump the shark, here’s my entire review in … Read More

What To (And Not To) Expect from WWDC
by on May 31, 2011

I love developer conferences. It reminds me of my university days of coding in dark rooms, solving problems that were seemingly impossible at first glance. Nostalgic, no? Both Google IO and Apple’s WWDC both excite me in very much the same ways – just a lot of brilliant minds gathered together to push the boundaries of computing and computer usability, and this year has been no different. Google announced some … Read More

Dreaming Retail Dreams
by on May 24, 2011

If you’re a frequenter to either this or any of the other tech blogs online, you’ll notice that Apple recently reached their decade milestone of their (now) uber-successful Apple Stores and their installations of their new Smart Signs system.

This got me thinking about the innovations that Apple’s introduced into their retail stores over the years and their general adoption and penetration into the other facets of our consumer experiences. Here … Read More

Is Google Scared of Apple’s iPad?
by on May 11, 2011

It’s not a secret that Google has been slow in seizing the surge in the tablet market. We’re nearly midway through the year, and the only real Android iPad competitor is still the Motorola Xoom (though there are still some high hopes for Q3!). With Google’s IO developer conference starting yesterday in San Francisco, they’ve essentially laid down their tablet strategy for the next year, and it almost appears that … Read More

From The Other Side: Android Tablets, Open Source & More!
by on April 5, 2011

Androids. They’re heartless mobile OS bent on world domination. Now that they’ve taken over the smartphone space, analysts are saying they’re poised to take over the tablet space as well. I’m not surprised to hear this in the slightest. After all, there are more Android handsets than iPhones in the US, and their app eco-system is in full swing. Given Google’s changing stance towards the platform in the past few … Read More

How Would You Improve iOS 4.3?
by on March 15, 2011

Ah…iOS 4.3 has finally been pushed to the masses last week, and you know what? It’s actually a pretty solid release. Sure, it took almost a month and a half of [extraordinarily buggy] beta releases, with some features being still locked to just developers  (i.e. 4-finger app switching), but 4.3 is noticeably better than 4.2. The browser is certainly faster than before, and the UI generally feels more responsive. All … Read More