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iPad Gelaskins Review
by on April 16, 2010

Gelaskins have been around for a while now, making skins for all kinds of devices. I’ve been using them on my iPhones and iPods, but they also make skins for laptops, netbooks, gaming consoles, and more. They feature original art from some great artists, all over the world. They also have some licsensed skins from big names like Marvel and National Geographic.

Joining their fleet, is the iPad. Gelaskins … Read More

FAQ: Canadians Buying iPads from the USA
by on April 14, 2010

Okay, so it looked like the April 24th rumour about the iPad launch in Canada has taken a twist. Not because we were wrong, but because Apple threw everybody a curve ball. I’ve spoken to my source and the so called ‘black out’ date still stands, and actually has been extended into May.

The iPad will be released on May 29th in Canada, with preorders starting on May … Read More

22 Really Useful iPad Tips

As I’m sure most of you are, I’m very disappointed about the delay in the iPad coming to Canada. I was actually planning a trip that was booked around the release of the iPad. Oh well, one good thing about the delay is that we have more time to learn about how to use the iPad, and who knows maybe all of the “bugs” will be worked out of the … Read More

How to Tether Your iPhone Data Plan to the iPad
by on April 8, 2010

Do you have an iPhone in Canada? If you do, then most likely you also are subscribed to a monthly data plan. Rogers debuted their 6GB/$30 data plan after iPhone 3G owners were disgusted with their original prices. If you’re lucky to have that plan–hold onto it.

What about iPad Pay As You Go data plans in Canada? We haven’t heard anything from the “Big 3″ telcos (Rogers, Bell, Telus) … Read More

Skype on iPad: Stays Connected Even in Sleep Mode
by on April 6, 2010

Are you an avid Skype user? Skype on the iPhone is awesome as you can make calls over WiFi (and 3G if your phone is jailbroken). There is no 3G version of Skype yet for either the iPhone or iPad yet.

On the iPhone, if you have Skype launched your WiFi connection shuts off if your iPhone goes into sleep mode. This causes Skype to lose its connection.

However, on the iPad … Read More

Early Canadian iPad Owners: How to Create a US iTunes Account
by on April 4, 2010

Early iPad adopters in Canada have probably run into a surprise–they can’t download content onto their iPads because the Canadian iPad App Store is not yet available.

How to bypass this roadblock? Easy! Just create a US iTunes account. Log in to this newly created US account in iTunes, download your apps, then sync them to your iPad.

Our sister site, iPhoneinCanada.ca wrote two tutorials on how to create a … Read More

Apple Offers iPad Video Tutorials Online
by on March 29, 2010

This morning, Apple updated thier website to provide 11 different video tutorials for the iPad.

Tutorials include a focus on some apps such as Photos, iPod, and iBooks and many more. There is also an additional video that includes all of the tutorials combined in one.

The quality is amazing and gives viewers a very detailed look into some of the available apps and functions coming in the iPad. While … Read More

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