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Rogers Responds to $20 iPad Shared Data–500+ Comments Later
by on May 16, 2010

The date for Canadian iPad preorders started on May 10th. On the Apple order page at the time, Rogers iPad data plans were revealed plus an extra line about a $20/month shared iPhone data option. Many customers decided to purchase their iPad 3G models based on this option, but Rogers soon declared that it was all a “mistake”.

Rightly so, people were miffed at how this could happen and … Read More

How to Use 3G iPad with Rogers, Fido, Bell and Telus in Canada
by on May 11, 2010

**Disclaimer**: The following should ONLY be tried at your own risk. We assume no responsibility should any damage occur to your iPad or SIM card. This post is for educational purposes only. Repeat: Try at your own risk.

Pre-orders for the iPad in Canada started yesterday. The official iPad launch in Canada is May 28th. Rogers iPad Data plans were also revealed, including their SNAFU on the $20 … Read More

Rogers Removes $20 Data Bolt-On For iPad, Confirms No Fido Support
by on May 10, 2010

This morning, Apple officially opened preorders for the iPad in Canada. Customers who preordered will receive the iPad for the international May 28, 2010 launch.

The Canadian iPad prices are as follows:

iPad WiFi

16GB: $549

32GB: $649

64GB: $749

iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

16GB: $679

32GB: $779

64GB: $879

Canadian iPad Data Plans Revealed

This morning also revealed the first available data plans for the iPad WiFi + 3G. Rogers Wireless is the first carrier to support the … Read More

iPad Now Available for Pre-Order in Canada; Rogers Data Plans Revealed

You can now pre-order both the Wi-Fi and the 3G version of the iPad in Canada at Apple.ca. What’s also interesting to note is that Rogers’ iPad data pricing has been revealed.

Rogers iPad Data Plan Pricing Revealed

250 MB for $15.00
5 GB for $35.00
…and the big surprise: add your iPad to your existing data plan for $20.00 a month (is it a one time cost or monthly? it’s not very … Read More

Poll: Which iPad Model Will You Buy?
by on May 8, 2010

Apple has finally released Canadian iPad pricing and confirmed a May 28th release date. With Apple’s plan to release WiFi iPad models first, people who were going to wait for the 3G models couldn’t wait any longer and splurged. Canadians traveled to the USA and even asked their friends and family to help them buy iPads.

Now that we can rest assured the iPad is coming to Canada with … Read More

Rogers Launches iPad Data Plan Info Page
by on May 7, 2010

*Update: Rogers iPad data plans have been revealed. Click here*

With Apple announcing the official release date of the iPad in Canada for May 28, 2010, everyone has been waiting and wondering what the data plans will be from the Canadian wireless carriers for the iPad 3G.

In April Rogers announced its intentions to support the iPad with various data options, but provided no further details. iPad 3G … Read More

How To Use The iPad 3G + WiFi In Canada: Canada Pre-Launch
by on May 5, 2010

As Canadians must still wait for the iPad to hit Canada, some of us have already made the trip down south to pick up either an iPad WiFi or the iPad 3G + WiFi. Apple has officially stated that preorders for Canada will start on May 10, 2010 and that the iPad will be available in late May 2010.

So for those that have the iPad 3G + WiFi … Read More

Steve Jobs: iPad 3G Available At Best Buy On April 30
by on April 26, 2010

For those looking to pick up an iPad 3G + WiFi before the late May Canadian launch, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has confirmed that the 3G capable device will be available for sale at Best Buy locations, along side Apple Stores:


Will the ipad 3G + WiFi be available to buy from Best Buy on April 30th?

Job’s reply:


Best Buy locations in the USA include Apple’s “Store within a Store” concept where … Read More

Rogers Considering Multi-device Data Plans For iPad?
by on April 24, 2010

Last week, Rogers indicated, or at least hinted, at having data plans ready for the iPad in late May 2010. Now, reports point to Rogers considering offers customers a single data plan that would allow them to use an iPad and another device, such as an iPhone, without the need of setting up a second data plan.

Apparently Rogers has been speaking with customers about an option that would … Read More

iPad 3G Available On April 30 In USA; Camera Connection Kit Now Shipping
by on April 20, 2010

This morning Apple announced that the WiFi + 3G model of the iPad will be delivered to customers next week that preordered in the U.S. The preorder deliveries are stated to arrive on Friday, April 30th.

For those who did not pre order and are looking to get an iPad 3G in the USA (for use with Rogers or other Canadian wireless carrier), Apple Retail Stores will begin receiving and … Read More

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