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Rogers Launches Flexible Rate Data Plans For iPad
by on December 22, 2010

With Bell and Virgin Mobile launching flexible data plans for iPad, Rogers didn’t want to be left out of the action. Effective tomorrow, Rogers is launching all new flexible data plans for iPad that are set to expire on January 7, 2011.

While the existing non-contracted Rogers iPad data options will remain, these new options provide customers with additional data choices. For reference, the existing iPad data plans are listed:

$15/month: 250MB
$35/month: … Read More

Rogers Launches New iPad Data Sharing Options
by on November 4, 2010

For the Holiday 2010 quarter, Rogers has launched a set of new data sharing options for iPad.

The original Rogers data-only iPad plans are still available and for reference, they are listed below:

$15/month: 250MB (auto-renewal every 30 days)
$35/month: 5GB (auto-renewal every 30 days)

As many are aware, these iPad data plans have no contract, are essentially pay-as-you-go data options, and everything is done right on the iPad.

The new data sharing options however … Read More

Reminder: Rogers 6GB iPad Data Sharing Plan Expires On September 30, 2010
by on September 28, 2010

Since the summer of 2008, whenever a new iPhone is released, Rogers has made available their amazing $30 6GB data plan.

With the launch of the iPad in Canada this year, Rogers extended this year’s $30 6GB data plan to be shared between a smartphone and an iPad 3G.

In other words, if you have a Rogers smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, etc) and you want to share your data plan with your iPad … Read More

At The End Of My Tether
by on August 30, 2010

So I own the wifi-only iPad. Which is fine, as I work from home and use wifi most of the time.

And I only have 500 Megs of 3G data a month (I know, I know, brutal) but I’d still like, on that odd occasion, to tether my iPad to my iPhone. Call me old fashioned (since this discussion has been going on pretty much since the iPad was announced).

So can … Read More

Bell Announces 6GB Data Plan, $10 iPad Sharing Option
by on July 29, 2010

Are you an upcoming iPhone 4 owner? Bell has introduced their iPhone 4 prices but more importantly they’ve announced a new 6GB/$30 data plan (to compete with Rogers). What’s even cooler is that for $10/month extra, you can share this data plan with your iPad 3G!

Here are the details:

iPhone 4 Promotion Details–Including iPad Offer:
-To get the lowest 3-year price on this phone, choose any combination of voice, data plan and … Read More

Rogers Launches $30 6GB Data Plan For Smartphones, Share With iPad

Today, Rogers announced that with the launch of the iPhone 4 on July 30, 2010, any smartphone customer who activates on a three-year voice and data contract can choose the Rogers 6GB data plan for $30.

Essentially, this data plan can be added to any in-market voice plan before September 30, 2010. If you are a new or existing wireless customer of Rogers, you are … Read More

iPad 3G Network Speed Test: Rogers vs Bell vs Telus
by on June 7, 2010

The iPad’s launch in Canada has been quite successful so far according to your latest opinions on the device. I already told you my review of the iPad but what I haven’t touched on is which network is best for iPad 3G users? We have covered the iPad 3G plans from Rogers, Telus and Bell. As for which carrier to go with, that comes down to … Read More

Telus Releases iPad 3G Data Plans?
by on May 28, 2010

Update 1: Looks like Best Buy “tickets” indicate a $50 for 5GB plan from Telus. Also, the first month of activation on 3G is unlimited data. Also reports of a $35 setup fee.

Update 2: Click here to read our updated post on the official Telus iPad plans.

Thanks to the guys in the comments for the updates!

Do you have your iPad yet? What model did you buy? If you’re … Read More

Rogers & Bell iPad 3G Data Plan Clarifications (Updated with Telus)
by on May 27, 2010

On the eve of the iPad launch in Canada, the following information includes some Q&A regarding the Bell, Rogers, and Telus iPad 3G data plans and various conditions surrounding those packages.

iPad 3G Q&A

1.) Where can I purchase my iPad 3G?

Both the iPad WiFi and iPad 3G may be purchased through Apple Stores, Apple Online Stores, and select Apple Resellers in Canada. Contact your local Apple Store/Reseller for availability.

2.) Who are … Read More

Telus And Bell To Support Apple iPad At Launch
by on May 25, 2010

Email reports this week have indicated that both Telus and Bell will be supporting the iPad on launch day, this Friday May 28th.

While Telus and Bell have been quiet regarding iPad data plans and micro-SIM cards, various Apple Stores across Canada have been receiving shipments of Telus and Bell microSIM cards.

There are no data plans announced yet from Telus and Bell, but the packages will likely be similar, if not … Read More

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