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CBC TV iPad App Released in App Store
by on March 20, 2011

Update 1: the app is not detecting some users as being in Canada, even though they are. Let us know if you are affected.

If you’re a fan of CBC programming, you’ll be happy to hear the CBC TV iPad app has been released in the App Store. Following in the footsteps of CityTV, and Global, CBC has joined the foray. Here’s the app description:

Canada Lives Here! The hottest … Read More

iPad 2 Review: Thinner and Faster–Should You Buy It?
by on March 17, 2011

Last year skeptics questioned Apple’s iPad when it was announced and predicted that it would flop. Of course, analysts were proved wrong as the iPad sold almost 15 million units in nine months, and talented developers turned the iPad into one giant success.

The next generation iPad 2 brings a thinner design, lighter weight, dual cameras, and faster A5 processor. I will explain my experience using the iPad 2 since … Read More

50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic Review

The iPad is the perfect device for the coffee table. Typical items around your coffee table could include photo albums, magazine, books, etc. The iPad can potentially replace all of those. If you want to impress your friends, there’s one app worth checking out–50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic.

This app sorts 50 iconic images that have defined National Geographic over the years. Not only there, each picture includes background information … Read More

iPad 2 and Smart Cover Unboxing Trailer
by on March 12, 2011

I got my iPad 2 late last night. Thanks to John Chow and his connections for picking up a whole bunch (bypassing the line ups!), and my friends Greg and Linda for bringing mine back to Vancouver. That’s two years in a row I haven’t waited in line for an iPad (thanks Benson for last year!).

Initial thoughts: much lighter and thinner than the first iPad, and snappier. … Read More

Netflix iPad App Updated With New Layout
by on March 6, 2011

Netflix launched in Canada last fall and the iPad app works great. Even though the initial library was limited, more new releases are constantly being added.

Just recently, the iPad app’s layout got a new refresh, and it now looks more like the Netflix iPhone app. The new interface still shows your Top Picks and top movie genres, but now there is more wasted space compared to … Read More

Adventure Awaits: A Resurgence In Adventure Gaming?
by on February 22, 2011

So I was faced with quite a dilemma this past weekend. I was home [alone, on a long weekend] and realized that I was bored. I had no desire to fire up the XBox or the PS3, nor did I really want to see something in the theatres [and there are plenty to watch before the Oscars!]. Instead of spending another weekend watching old episodes of Top Gear [no complaints … Read More

What The Daily Means for Journalism
by on February 8, 2011

In what appears to be the worst kept tech secret so far this year, Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily was finally announced and launched last week in New York. Purporting itself as a re-envisioning of journalism and news for the iPad, Murdoch invested hundreds of millions of dollars to deliver truly original content (on the cheap, no less) in an otherwise dying industry.

Does The Daily live up to his original promise? … Read More

Read The Daily When The iPad Is Away!
by on February 3, 2011

For those of you who have been itching to read The Daily, an iPad-exclusive eMagazine, but don’t have your iPad handy, there’s good news! Both a journalist and a programmer by the name of Andy Baio, has compiled the everyday new posts onto a easy-to-click-through homepage. One additional feature that this webpage is able to achieve that’s not yet available on the iPad, is being able to look at past … Read More

When Find My iPad Fails
by on February 1, 2011

So let me begin by saying I lost my iPad last week.

Well, I’m not entirely sure if it was lost, or stolen or whatever, and that’s not really the point. I’m not looking for sympathy, nor am I looking for jests or jokes at my expense. All I really want to do this week is gripe about how ‘Find My iPad’ failed and how it ruined my week.

I upgraded to … Read More

Getting Past The CES Disappointment
by on January 11, 2011

Well, another CES has come and gone, and I must admit, I was very disappointed with the overall tablet showcase this year compared to last year. This isn’t to say that CES wasn’t a great show overall (especially with the announcements from Ford and Motorola), but rather, just that I was underwhelmed by what was shown in the tablet space.

From the Apple rumour front, there was the iPad 2 case … Read More

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