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Bell Launches New iPad Data Plans

by on December 4th, 2010

When the iPad launched in Canada, Bell Mobility was among the first wireless carriers to offer contract-free data plans for iPad.

At that time, Bell had two prepaid data plans available (activate on iPad):

$15/month: 250MB (if data amount is exceeded, customer must repurchase another package; no overage fees)

$35/month: 5GB (if data amount is exceeded, customer must repurchase another package; no overage fees)

Going forward, the company still offers the original prepaid options but has now modified those existing options into two new postpaid data plan options with flex data (activate by calling Bell):

$20/month Flex Data: 500MB (if data exceeds 500MB, the customer is automatically moved to $35/month)

$35/month Flex Data: 5GB (if data exceeds 5GB, customer is charged $0.015 cents per additional MB)

Bell has also introduced a new Tablet Add-on called “Tablet TV” which is available for $10.00/month (US Data Roaming: $3/MB).

Bell customers can further combine the Tablet TV add-on with the $35 Prepaid Data plan for the following package:

$45/month: 5GB data + Tablet TV


[Bell Tablet Plans]; [Bell iPad Plans]

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  • Alex Campagna

    As usual Bell continues to throw ridiculous data plans at us.
    250mb or 5gb… 500mb or 5gb… Seriously?!?

    How about a 1gb or 2gb plan? Oh..right… Customer loyalty VS money…hmmm. Money first!!!

  • Anonymous

    Unlike Alex’s comment, I think these plans from Bell are a great improvement and likely soon to be copied by Telus and Rogers. I would guess that 95% of iPad owners are using less than 500Mb so they will all save most months with the freedom of knowing that should they go over, the worst they would be doing is paying the same as before. I’ve had my iPad since April and am a power user. I have yet to exceed 1Gb any month but pay for 5Gb.

  • Anonymous

    In fact, just checked my usage and 214Mb sent and 1.2Gb received TOTAL since July 1st when I last reset my usage. So, on average need more than 250Mb but never needed more than 500Mb. So making the switch today. Goodbye Rogers and hello more money in my pocket.

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with you robschertzer. 5GB is way too much for me and I always feel crippled with the 250MB. 500MB would be a great compromise! Hopefully Rogers makes the same move.

  • Bellus is just going to copy Rogers ipad Data plans except the hassle of having to take your ipad to get activated in store unlike rogers. this is nothing new for our options, they are just conforming with eachother.

  • Anonymous

    Well, inserted my Bell SIM and there is absolutely no option to select the FLEX rate plan…only options are the 250MB for $15, 5GB for $35 or iPad Data 5GB with TV for $45. The bell website mentions the Flex plan but only shows instructions for activating the non-FLEX plans. Does anyone know if:
    1. The FLEX plan even applies to the iPad?
    2. The FLEX plan does apply to the iPad but one needs to call BELL customer service for activation? It seems like it is a monthly statement plan as opposed to a recurring self-activated plan.

  • Omnipotence Paradox

    This article is false information. I just went through several phone calls with bell and the flex plans are only for the samsung galaxy tab, despite them being linked from the iPad page.


  • Anonymous

    Confirmed. Please correct or delete article.

  • Anonymous

    You are actually completely mistaken. I called this morning as well and am now live on the FLEX plan for my iPad. The only hoop to jump through is that you do, indeed, need to speak to a rep as this is NOT a self-serve option. You need to get a monthly statement, and can give credit card info so that it will be paid automatically each month. Also, once I was told that it was activated, my old Rogers settings were still stuck in my iPad as a profile so I got an error that I do not have a data plan activated. This was very easily fixed with the free APN changer unlockit.co.nz (which does not harm the iPad, unlock it, jailbreak it or anything illegal….it just gives you a drop down menu to pick your correct carrier CA-Bell).

    So, the FLEX plan, I can confirm, definitely applies to the iPad as well. You must have gotten hold of someone who did not know. Call again at 1-877-DATA-123 (1-877-3282-123). I am now paying $20 per month that is <500MB with the freedom of knowing if exceeds that then only charged the same $35 per month I had been paying before with Rogers up to 5GB. This should save me up to $180 per year since my data usage only averaged 330MB per month past 5 months.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Thank you very much for sharing your story with us! I’m definitely gonna call them up again. I’ll be saving a lot too. But, would it be preferable to just wait until your Rogers monthly plan is over before changing to the Bell one? That way, would it save the steps with the “unlockit.co.nz”? Or is it necessary to jump to the FLEX plan? Thanks!

  • Ex

    Nice to have an informed reader. Thank you.