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Review: ToDo for iPad by Appigo + Giveaway
by on May 18, 2010

Since I purchased my iPad I have been fighting an uphill battle trying to sync everything between my Macbook Pro, my iPad, my iPhone and my Windows server. While this is still an ongoing process, I have managed to sift through the dozens of “cloud” apps that claim to be the best at what they do and I am pretty close to developing a system that works seamlessly and is … Read More

Remotely Access Files Using RealVNC

Wouldn’t it be neat if while using your iPad you could access all of your files on your home computer when you are sitting on the beach or in a meeting? This is now possible for the iPad using the RealVNC App.

In a typical computing environment, VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a graphical desktop sharing system that allows a you to remotely control or access another computer. It … Read More

Financial Times Release iPad App – Free Until end of July!
by on May 17, 2010

The Financial Times (FT) has released their iPad app and it is free until July 31st. This would be a good opportunity to try it before you buy it.

The iPad FT uses the same font as the newspaper issue of the FT . The app is a lighter version of the FT.com website and content is refreshed throughout the day.  News, analysis and comments are displayed in sections that … Read More

iPad Is Too Hot Temperature Warning
by on May 16, 2010

Today it happened. Something that I was hoping I’d never see. I brought my iPad 3G outside this morning so I could enjoy a coffee and a smoke while surfing the net. After 10 minutes in Safari I was typing in an address and Safari crashed. Odd.

I opened it up again, began typing the address and BAM! iPad temperature warning. It took 5 minutes for the iPad to get back … Read More

Rogers Responds to $20 iPad Shared Data–500+ Comments Later

The date for Canadian iPad preorders started on May 10th. On the Apple order page at the time, Rogers iPad data plans were revealed plus an extra line about a $20/month shared iPhone data option. Many customers decided to purchase their iPad 3G models based on this option, but Rogers soon declared that it was all a “mistake”.

Rightly so, people were miffed at how this could happen and … Read More

My iPad Wishlist: Gold iPad 3G for $195,335 Canadian Dollars
by on May 15, 2010

For my Saturday iPad wishlist, I thought of something very special. I would like a 64GB iPad 3G. But not just any iPad, I want mine covered in 22 carat gold and diamonds. The price is only $195,335 CAD ($129,995 GBP). Here’s the description from Stuart Hughes:

Uniquely designed and crafted by Katherine Hughes

For the most elite individual, we bring you the the worlds 1st solid gold and diamond iPad. Encrusted … Read More

Adobe Bringing New Imaging Software to iPad?
by on May 14, 2010

Have any of you wondered if you would ever see an Adobe software product on the iPad?  You should know that despite their rough past relations with Apple and Flash development, Adobe still has plans on going forward with developing imaging software for the iPad.  Adobe has begun a new effort to bring imaging software such as Lightroom to the iPad and other tablet computers–but the leader of the work … Read More

Cloud Browse App: Get Firefox & Flash on the iPad!

We know that Apple doesn’t like Flash. However, Flash is still a major part of the web at the moment. Unfortunately on the iPad won’t allow Flash. How to bypass this? An iPhone app called Cloud Browse. This clever app allows you to remotely control a full version of Firefox, enabling you to access websites that have Flash.

So that means streaming video websites such as Vimeo, Justin.tv, etc. … Read More

New Apple iPad Commercial: What is iPad?
by on May 13, 2010

Apple’s marketing team comes up with some pretty neat commercials. Just think of the Mac vs PC ads, “There’s an app for that” iPhone commercials, and more. With the iPad, a new commercial launched that seems to break from the simplistic Apple trend (the first iPad commercial debuted during the Grammy Awards). The flow of the commercial and the voiceover reminded me of a Droid Does commercial more … Read More

Canadian iPad Shipping Dates Delayed Till June 7th for New Orders
by on May 12, 2010

Canadians have already started pre-ordering their iPads as of May 10th. The iPad’s official Canadian and limited International launch date is May 28th. Normally, iPads pre-ordered should arrive on the launch date. The Apple website has updated iPad shipping dates. It now shows June 7th as the updated delivery date for newly ordered iPads. Looks like the first batch has been sold out.

This delay is an indication that Apple … Read More

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