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i-Charger – More Power to the iPad
by on May 27, 2010

Have you ever been in a hurry to charge your iPad or maybe when you first plugged your iPad into your computer it didn’t show that it was charging? The manufacturer MSI has just released a utility for its Windows based computers that will charge the iPad more efficiently.

The iPad has very special charging requirements as it prefers a 1.2A power supply rather than the 0.5., which is … Read More

iPad Review: What to Expect When You Get your iPad This Week

When the iPad launched in the USA on April 3rd, I was contemplating driving down to pick up an iPad to bring back to Canada (similar to my experience with the first iPhone). Lucky enough, one of my brother’s friends happened to be in Seattle during the weekend launch. He emailed to say that iPad were in stock and picked up a few iPads for us (thanks Ben!).

So as … Read More

Introducing Our New Podcast: The iPhone Podcast!
by on May 26, 2010

I know the wait for your iPad to arrive has been excruciating (I type this while I’m caressing my precious, precious iPad hehe). Need something to pass the time? How about checking out the debut of our new podcast? Please enter stage left: The iPhone Podcast!

Over at our sister site iPhoneinCanada.ca, we have teamed up with iPhone addict Justin Luey and jailbreak experts RoryPiper and … Read More

iWork and iBooks for iPad Now Live in Canadian App Store
by on May 25, 2010

Still waiting for your iPad to arrive this Friday huh? Well, while you’re waiting you might as well start downloading the iWork suite for iPad and iBooks, as they are now live in the Canadian App Store. I would assume that International App Stores have already gone live too.

iWork is a collective of Apple’s three main productivity apps that include: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. iBooks is the ebook reader … Read More

iPad Banned at Yankee Stadium

Are you a sports fan who enjoys watching baseball and perhaps the World Series? New Yorkers are proud of their Yankees but now can’t bring their iPad into the Yankee stadium.

In an effort to stay consistent with policies aimed at keeping anything that will “affect the safety of Yankees Stadium occupants/property,” the powers that be are now saying that they don’t want the tablet … Read More

iPads Have Started Shipping in Canada–Has Yours?

iPad orders have started to ship in Canada. The big day for the iPad launch in Canada is on May 28th. If you haven’t pre-ordered your iPad you better be ready to get in line on Saturday. This is going to be an exciting week for people outside the USA that have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the iPad (except those who already have one!).

When did … Read More

30 Second Coat Hanger iPad Stand
by on May 24, 2010

From the moment the iPad was released, people have been devising the most interesting iPad stands. So far we’ve covered the 89 cent iPad stand, the hockey puck stand, and the official Apple Dock and iPad Case (which I love). If you’re looking for a cheap iPad stand you can easily make one out of a coat hanger. Say what?! Yes, that’s right, a coat hanger.

Check out … Read More

New iPad Pre-Order Ship Dates Changed To “June”
by on May 22, 2010

Did you pre-order your iPad in Canada? The iPad’s arrival is coming in under a week. The first batch of orders had ship dates of May 28th. Then, a couple days after the May 10th pre-order date, ship dates were moved back to June 7th.

Now, the Apple website shows a pre-order ship date of just “June”. The iPad has been selling like hotcakes and supply is dwindling as … Read More

iPad + Bell. My First Bill Has Arrived – Debunking the $10k Bill Myth.
by on May 20, 2010

There has been some buzz about people receiving bills for data use in excess of $4000 for a few days of service. I spent quite a few hours digging through posts and articles to try and locate said individuals to find out exactly what they were billed for. I was confident that they, or the Bell rep screwed up when setting up their Data Only plans.

This morning I have … Read More

ShinyTweet Twitter App for iPad Review
by on May 19, 2010

For iPad users that are on twitter, your options are fairly limited. TweetDeck looks great, but it’s buggy and excessively slow to load. Twitteriffic is alright buy I’m not a big fan of the interface. Tweetie 2 is slated to be released as the “official” twitter app–it should be out today.

There was some noise earlier about a new iPad twitter app that has hit the scene. It’s called ShinyTweet and … Read More

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