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‘iPad Mini’ Launch on November 2nd According to Another Report
by on October 19, 2012

More whispers of the iPad mini’s launch date have started to point to November 2nd, and this time it’s coming from TechCrunch. Their source notes the smaller iPad will ship a week and a half after next week’s October 23rd unveiling:

Apple’s iPad mini is almost certainly … Read More

John Gruber on the iPad Mini’s Screen, Price and Name
by on October 18, 2012

John Gruber from Daring Fireball breaks down three questions we’re all wondering about when it comes to the iPad mini’s screen, price and name. His astute analysis is pretty spot when it comes to Apple. As for the iPad mini he believes it won’t debut with a Retina display.

As for the price he believes it will be … Read More

Apple’s ‘iPad Mini’ Rumoured to Launch on November 2nd Says Report
by on October 17, 2012

With Apple confirming a media event next week on October 23rd to most likely announce their smaller iPad, expect last minute rumours to explode leading up to next Tuesday. Geeky Gadgets (via MacRumors) claims in an ‘exclusive’ report the mini iPad will become available in the US and UK on November 2nd:

Our source, who is someone close to a major UK retailer, and has been reliable in the … Read More

20% OFF Sale: ZAGGfolio Bluetooth Keyboard for the iPad 2/3

For those looking to get a wireless keyboard for the iPad 2 or latest 3rd generation iPad, the ZAGGfolio Bluetooth keyboard (read our full review here) just went on sale for 20% off, which means it’s now $79.99.

It’s a pretty slim keyboard that works exactly as advertised and has numerous helpful function keys. Essentially your iPad rests within the protective case and it all sits together with … Read More

CBC’s ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ Releases ‘iPad Mini’ Parody

Are you a fan of the CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes? They contacted us last week to tell about their latest iPad parody that aired last night, a hilarious segment about the announcement of the next iPad. The video’s description is:

Apple’s CEO reveals the company’s newest product iPad-Mini, or was that the iPad-Maxi?

An actor portrays Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage to announce the new iPad, only to get … Read More

Alleged Photos of the iPad Mini Display and Battery Leak [PICS]

Looks like we have some new images that have appeared online in what appear to be the upcoming ‘iPad mini’ display and battery, as posted by Etrade Supply (via MacRumors). The site claims the display is almost 8 inches and measures 162mm in length and 124mm in width. The most unusual part of this leak is the display is a 4:3 ratio, which is different from a former … Read More

Apple Sends Out Invites for October 23rd iPad Mini Event
by on October 16, 2012

Apple has sent out invites this morning to the press to announce a special event to take place on October 23rd, most likely to debut the iPad mini, notes The Loop:

Apple on Tuesday announced a special event to be held on October 23, 2012 in San Jose. The event is scheduled to take place at 10:00 am PT.

This event will take place at a California Theatre in San Jose, which … Read More

First Microsoft Surface TV Ad Stresses its Magnetic Cover and Kickstand [VIDEO]
by on October 15, 2012

Microsoft’s tablet, the Surface is set to hit stores on the 26th of this month, a simultaneous launch with Windows 8. Their first TV ads have launched as part of their massive $1 billion dollar ad campaign to showcase their tablet announced almost 4 months ago.

The video below stresses the Surface’s kickstand and magnet cover/keyboard. Check it out below and tell me what you think:

Another video below shows a … Read More

Apple’s ‘iPad Mini’ Event to Take Place on Oct. 23rd Says Report [Update]
by on October 12, 2012

The last rumour we heard about rumoured iPad mini event invites being sent out this week turned out to be false. This time around though, AllThingsD reports Apple will unveil its smaller iPad on October 23rd:

As AllThingsD reported in August, Apple will hold a special event this month, at which it will showcase … Read More

Apple’s 7.85-Inch ‘iPad Mini’ to Debut as Wi-Fi Only [Rumour]
by on October 9, 2012

Looks like the ‘iPad Mini’ rumours have started to ramp up. Earlier today, we heard about case makers cancelling their production plans as the supposed 7.85-inch tablet was undergoing last minute changes. Now, the Guardian reports the new smaller iPad will debut with Wi-Fi only:

Apple’s expected “iPad mini” will only come in a Wi-Fi version – but there will also be a revised version of the iPad with 4G … Read More