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Writing A (e)Book Just By Playing Video Games

by on August 13th, 2010

Apple has come up with another idea again. A new patent has been filed allowing users to write a comic, book, or eBook, by simply playing a video game.With the many decisions in a game (i.e. to cross a bridge or not), the gamer is customizing a story that is generated throughout the game.

Not only will this new idea create a bigger variety of personalized eBooks to read on an iPad, iPhone, or computer, it will also create games with more choices and freedom. Should Apple decide to follow through with this patent, free-roaming games or “sandbox” games such as Grand Theft Auto, will become increasingly popular for its variety of choices. Not only so, other video games that follow a set story line will offer more ways for the user to interact through different methods of passing that stage. So how would the user come about viewing this book that they created?

PatentlyApple describes the process:

A book, e-book, or comic book may be produced from the narrative data structure. The electronic device may send the e-book to a user of the electronic device, or send the narrative data structure to a server for printing.

In another embodiment, the recorded data may be sent from the electronic device to a server. The server may generate a narrative data structure from the recorded data. The server may send an e-book to the electronic device and/or to a user of the electronic device. Additionally, the server may print a book from the narrative data structure, and the book may be mailed to a user.From Game To Book

So who said video games were just a waste of time again?

[via PatentlyApple]

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