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Why Infinity Blade is important for iPad Dev

by on December 14th, 2010

Infinity Blade was easily the most buzzed story from the past week and for good reason too! If you’ve missed the hype, here’s the quick and dirty.

Infinity Blade is a long anticipated Action-RPG title from ChAir Entertainment that uses the Unreal 3 Engine as it’s back end. It delivers smooth, intuitive touch gameplay in a rich 3D environment. It was even showcased by Steve Jobs at his WWDC keynote earlier this year. In case you haven’t checked it out, I’d suggest finding someone who’s bought it and give it a go! It’s quite impressive.

With the marketing hype out of the way, let’s dig down to why this title is important for both consumers and developers alike.

While the Unreal brand and name are synonymous with one of the pioneers of first person shooters, the Unreal Engine has been the underlying logic behind some of my favourite games including Batman: Arkham Asylum (and upcoming sequel Arkham City), Gears of War, DC Universe and even the upcoming Stargate MMORPG. Needless to say, the engine is definitely the driving force behind some of the highest grossing games on both the PC and console platforms. With the release of Infinity Blade, ChAir has shown that AAA and serious game development is not only possible on the iPad, but it could prove to be just as profitable as other Unreal 3 powered games. I would not be surprised if other major game developers such as EA will jump into the iPad space in a whole new way.

What does this mean for consumers and game enthusiasts? Well, sky’s the limit. The Unreal Engine could help span iPad gaming into the multiplayer realm, as well as open up touch gaming to crispy graphics and more realistic physics. While first person shooter gameplay won’t be ported over well to a touchscreen, I can imagine whole new genres of gameplay to be possible through the Unreal Engine.

Back to you all though, have you had a chance to try Infinity Blade? Even if you didn’t enjoy the game, do you see the potential that can be realized? I’d love to hear from any game developers out here. Let us know if you think this is as much of a game changer (no pun intended) as this appears to be.

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