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Watch the 2010 World Cup on iPad with Rogers FIFA App

by on June 21st, 2010

Do you have World Cup fever? Got a headache yet from those wonderful vuvuzelas yet? Currently, CBC.ca has online streams so you can lose productivity at work. What about if you have an iPad? Well, thanks to Rogers you can now watch streaming 2010 World Cup games–but it’s only for iPad 3G customers with Rogers.

Here’s what you’ll get with the 2010 FIFA World Cup TM iPad App:

  • All 64 games available in English (including consecutive “Round of 16” broadcasts) and 56 games broadcast in French.
  • Works only for Rogers customers with an iPad 3G data plan subscription
  • Data consumed over 3G does not come from your data plan (this is nice)

This is an awesome app for iPad 3G users on Rogers’ data plans. It’s nice that your 3G data is unaffected while you watch live World Cup games. However, it’s unfortunate this free service is only available to iPad 3G users, and shuns longtime Rogers customers with Wi-Fi only iPads (and people who pay for their mobile/cable service). Upon reading some comments in the iTunes app description, there’s a lot of frustrated people out there that feel ignored.

Rogers also has an On Demand app for iPhone users (currently 654/796 people give it a 1 star rating in iTunes), but it requires a $5/month subscription to watch TV clips (like Jersey Shore from MTV) and a $10 one time fee for World Cup matches. Also, games streamed over 3G takes from your iPhone data plan. What gives with all the inconsistencies, Rogers?**Edit** Looks like the iPhone does NOT take from your 3G data bucket (thanks Rob).

What do you think? Should all Rogers customers have access to this app?

Let us know how this app works for you! Download it here (iTunes).

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  • chantellejoy

    It's so obvious that they released this to placate the hundreds (like you said – 654, even) of people totally pissed about the ROD App. Hopefully a redesigned ROD App is coming soon, too.

  • kpower

    Saw it Saturday, downloaded it right away and tried it out. Works great. Uses WiFi if available which is bonus.
    Using it at work right now.

  • David

    I tried using my Rogers Iphone MyWi and no dice, going to get the 15$ 200mb package for a month :

  • How is the video quality? I might get the $15 plan for a month just for this, already on Bell.

  • LoWd0Wn

    Wow – Thanks!!!
    It streams great and at no cost to us. I watched the Chile- Swiss match this morning and I am very impressed with it.
    Thanks for posting this as I would have probably missed out,

    Many thanks!!

  • LoWd0Wn

    Data was charged to my account this morning while watching?? I am going to call Rogers to see whats up. I checked my usage and although I am not sure what my total was exactly – I know it was not this high.

  • stonee

    Does sb will update the video of world cup 2010 to youtube? if this is ture, we can enjoy them in our spare time. maybe we should have a video converter to convert the youtube just like we used to do. That's perfect! but we'll more exciting with the compition is live!

  • RD

    This item makes it sounds like the app is free. But you very quickly get to the “premium” service, for a mere $4.99.
    Yet another cash grab by the overpaid, lazy bozos at CBC.

    Nice try, guys!

  • Les

    You should NOT be implying that this “free service” gives you videos of games. It does not–only the premium service does this, and that is not free. Please do not misrepresent apps as free when they are not.