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Watch CTV Television Shows For Free On Your iPad In Canada

by on September 23rd, 2011

Here’s a treat for our TV shows lovers! The new CTV app brings all your favorite television shows including ‘Desperate Housewives’ and the new ‘Charlie’s Angels’ to your iPad totally free. The app can be downloaded from the Canadian App Store for free. It allows you to browse, explore and stream CTV broadcasts right on your iPad in an all new iPad optimized UI. If you missed an episode or too, you can catch it via app’s built-in ‘Video On Demand’ feature. You can bookmark your favorite episodes for later viewing and even share the shows you love with your friends via Twitter & Facebook.

Here is the official iTunes description:

-Video On Demand – Catch up on all your favourite CTV television shows on the go!
-Bookmark your favourite episodes for future/repeat viewing
-Sign in with your ‘Twitter’ or ‘Facebook’ accounts to share and/or tweet web links to your favourite shows
-Check your local CTV and CTV2 broadcast schedules

But it doesn’t stop there . . . if you’re one of the millions who ‘go social’ with your iPad while watching TV, then get interactive with ‘CTV Social Screen’.

During some live broadcasts, CTV will also let you chat with other CTV app users regarding the show you’re watching in order to share your thoughts and comments on the characters and the storyline. A ‘Social Screen’ icon for details will appear on shows when this feature is available. So what are you waiting for? Download the app via the following link and tell us how it satisfies your appetite for tv-shows!

Download CTV App For iPad Free [AppStore Link]

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  • Elaine

    I added the CTV app a few days ago, and there are only 13 shows listed. Big Bang Theory, Desperate Housewives, Castle and The Amazing Race are some of the shows I am unable to watch. What can I do?

  • Inisbeag

    I have read several reviews on this new app including CTV’s information and they repeatedly say watch ALL your favorite shows. It’m more like watch a few. Greys, Big Bang, Criminal Minds… none of them are included. I am quite confused by this.

  • Shari

    I didn’t even see the current big bang episodes. Does anybody have suggestions for watching this? I tried itv sows hd.. It crashed.

  • CRJPilot

    I have the App, but for some reason I am unable to watch the Big Bang Theory. I thought that the content may have been blocked somehow, but I have no problem viewing the content through the C.T.V website!

  • CRJPilot

    I have the App, but for some reason I am unable to watch the Big Bang Theory. I thought that the content may have been blocked somehow, but I have no problem viewing the content through the C.T.V website!

  • Ugss

    I play the few shows that work, only to freeze halfway,then start to replay. frustrating….. Does anyone know how to undo the update thats when all this started

  • MikeW

    When will Big Bang be available CTV?

  • Sawulagood

    I can watch shows but there is no sound with volume cranked anyone else have this problem?

  • Shaawtstuff

    Yes I have the same problem does anyone have a solution?

  • Lik-y-mom

    I’m looking for that answer too. No sound. But i can still hear my other apps so it’s just with the CTV one. Is there an ipad updateor something required?

  • Seanm

    Me too

  • Meags99

    Anyone figure this out yet?

  • Denisedeslauriers

    I’m not getting any sound from my ctv app when is this going to be resolved

  • Tracey Schmitz

    Not yet! Same problem for me…weird, because every other app works! CTV, please rev Jew and respond! We can see videos, but there is no sound.

  • Tracey Schmitz

    Hi CTV. I have the same problem.

  • Hyphealing

    I’m having the same trouble-no sound while watching atv show from CTV on my iPad. Hope this is resolved soon!!

  • Nsmith

    Can I download shows from the iPod app and watch on vacation with no wifi?

  • Aqt99

    i have no sound as well. did anyone figure out a way to fix this?

  • No

  • Rosa_amodeo

    Same problem. Any news?

  • Sarrabourouba

    This is the worst app ever, ctv get the example from citytv. Good quality shows on the citytv app and user friendly.

  • Nursetech

    To resolve this problem go into settings, choose the option for your side button, click “mute” to have the side button mute your sound. Next slide the side button until it shows sound on. If you are using the side button to lock rotation you can at this point click side button to lock rotation. Resolved the problem for me

  • Virginia Angelica Valle Tablad

    Can’t download this app! Needs to be fixed! Like now!

  • When I try to get this app it says “not available on the Canadian iTunes”
    Anyone else have this problem ??

  • kb

    I have this app, but now there are no videos available… and the app is no longer available in iTunes. Any idea what happened????

  • rsvp

    ditto. My CityTV app was acting up and the help instructions said it was due to iOS6. Deleted the apps and reinstalled City works fine. CTV is missing. I cant’t stream online either? I’m guessing they pulled it down to fix?

  • Vivi

    I’m in canada but it says that it’s not available in the Canadian App Store??.

  • Fingerbang

    The app is gone! And I can’t find any info on when or if it will come back… Anyone know?

  • Onetimewatcher

    Seriously??? A major tv network can’t create an app that works consistently? Each day more and more shows give an “unable to load video” message. Now nothing on the app works!