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Using Your iPhone to Take Pictures With Your iPAD

by on April 7th, 2010

While we wait patiently here in the Great White North for the arrival of the iPad, some great new apps are popping up. Although I don’t have my iPad yet I’ve been hunting down apps that may be useful once I do.

As we all know, the iPad doesn’t have a camera yet, which means no pretty pictures while you’re out and about fooling around with your latest toy. Luckily, developer Yusuke Sekikawa has developed two lovely applications that will allow you to take pictures with your iPad… kind of.

He has created two linked applications: Camera-A costs a dollar and lives on your iPad. Camera-B is free, and lives on your iPhone.

How does it work? You load up both apps, the one on your iPhone and the one on your iPad and devices will connect, either via WiFi or Bluetooth. Once they’re connected your iPad basically becomes a viewer for whatever your iPhone is shooting.

On the iPad you have full control over zoom and a “save-to-iPhone” function.

This app illustrates the possibilities of using the iPad as a “professional” device. It’s only a matter of time before we see apps that will allow image manipulation via the iPad, or possibly even video recording and editing. The iPad could, potentially, become a valuable viewing tool that professionals can use on site in lieu of a laptop. The primary drawback would be the lack of expandable storage capacity on the iPad as well as the lack of a filesystem and file management.

Possibly a Jailbreak solution? Possibly the iPad Pro?

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  • Wuju

    What's the app call? Is it up in the App store?

  • ipader

    What a pointless stupid useless thing

  • toddsieling

    A lack of expandable storage isn't really a problem when you put some numbers to it. I get about 46 shots per GB in RAW format on my camera, and the files end up being about 10+mb each. If someone is working on the go with so many photos that it eats up say 10gb or more on an ipad, they're getting 460 shots to play with and are still coming in well under the storage limit of the base model. If they're shooting and editing in jpg, they'll get many more shots. I know video would be a different game, but I think the non-expandable storage doesn't become an issue except under pretty rare cases.