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Using iPad as Second Monitor on PC – MaxiVista Review on iPhoneAppGirl.com

by on August 9th, 2010

Heyo iPadinCanada Readers, I wanted to post this as a follow-up to Darlene’s Post about MaxiVista being launched. I managed to test it out this weekend and wanted to share my review with everyone.

Here’s the intro, and then follow the link over to iPhoneAppGirl.com for the rest of the article. I hope you enjoy!

There are few things I enjoy more than legitimizing a quasi-frivolous purchase. You know, how when, you buy something and think “I’ll use this all the time” and then it ends up collecting dust in the basement? Not that this was a particularly valid threat for my iPad, I still love finding new and ridiculously useful Apps that make me realize that I made the right choice buying it.

One such of these Apps is MaxiVista – because, while it is a very niche product which does basically one single thing (without any fancy extra functions or customization), it will definitely appeal to the majority of iPad/PC Owners (which, by my very scientific estimations is at approximately 20-80% of iPad owners). I am sad that not everyone knows about it, because every single iPad owner I’ve told about it in person was instantly impressed. So lets get on with the review, shall we?


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