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This Month’s Issue of Wired is Free on the iPad

by on April 15th, 2011

Are you still downloading magazines onto your iPad? This month, Conde Nast is offering the current issue of Wired magazine for free. Download the free Wired app, then download the May issue. The download is over 300MB, and doesn’t download in the background (which is a bit of a pain). However, it’s free!

This issue has a cover story titled ‘How the Internet Saved Comedy’. Should be a good read, enjoy it!

Click here to download Wired.

[All Things D]

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  • Anonymous

    I almost don’t want to touch it when I see stupid titles like “Why Android beat the iPhone”

    Really? Why an entire OS running on a truckload of phones beat the iPhone OS running on iPhones?

    The dumbest, most narrow minded view…. Sheesh.

  • Steve

    How about you read the article before criticizing it? If anyone is being narrow minded it’s you, stop being such a fanboy and read the article before passing judgement.

  • Anonymous

    Ah darn it, Steve. You were right. That article touched on every aspect that had been avoided in all other Apple versus Android comparisons!

    Oh, wait.

    NO, it didn’t.

    It fell into the same traps. And although it admitted to the same traps, its conclusions were based on the same, narrow minded viewpoint that all iPhone VS numbers are based off of.

    iPhone is also losing out to standard fare phones, too!

    iPhone will always have a smaller market share because it’s designed for a specific level of population that has money to blow on phones. They have one device in the phone market with 4 different flavors.

    Compare that to the entire country load full of phones that Android has on the market. And SO many of the android phones are thrown away to customers signing even a 1 year contract.

    Hell, I got a Milestone, which was a decent enough phone, for NOTHING when I signed my wife up for a new plan (for her iPhone that I already had). And had I not already had the iPhone then money would have been an issue and I would have gotten an Android phone because, really, they are cheaper.

    So Cheaper + A decent enough OS + a decent enough hardware design + TONS more options on the market on TONS of carriers = No duh they’re going to have more sales.

    Oh, and before I forget – Did anyone remind anyone that before Feburary, not only were they comparing against one phone, but also to ONE carrier.

    Android had Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular… etc.

    Anyway, I’m getting too rambling with this. Funny thing, I’m not a fanboy, in fact before June of last year I didn’t want to touch Apple with a 10 foot pole… but then I realized, hey – wait. Apple phones are actually GOOD.

    And comparing it even to the top end android phones out there… It’s not hard to see why so many people ARE fanboys.