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The iPad Doesn’t Count as Lifting a Weight – Pick up iFitness HD!

by on September 12th, 2010

I do not claim to be built by any standard; on the continuum of feeble to buff, I fall somewhere int he neighborhood of “fragile”. It may have something to do with the healthy dose of time I spend in front of my Mac and iPad, or the pile of books by my bed, or the innate love of naps.

Sometimes, though, we all need to feel the sweat on our brows. For times like that, I start up iFitness HD, available on iTunes for $4.99 (an iPhone/ iPod Touch version is also available for just $1.99).

iFitness has been one of the top selling Health and Fitness apps in the App Store for ages – it has a four star average rating through its many iterations. The iPad version improves on the iPhone one, utilizing the extra pixels to make the app easier to use, while maintaining the simplicity and comprehensiveness that have made it so great.

The app is chock full of exercises that can be shown by general muscular area, by specific muscle, or by equipment necessary. Each and every exercise has images illustrating the proper method of performing it, as well as written instructions and details on which muscles are being worked. Many even have instructive videos that can be cached for offline use – a great feature since, as we all know, a video is worth a thousand pictures (=1,000,000 words).

Some of the available routines

If you’re done admiring the images and are ready to get down to your workout, iFitness really shines. You can mark down the weight being lifted (if applicable), the reps, and any notes. A simple timer is available to accurately manage those precious breaks between reps. The app will continuously update a graph illustrating your average reps and weight for each exercise, and for those even more partial to the graph-porn, you can input your weight and BMI for tracking. There are a number of pre-defined workout routines (specifically for arms, strength, baseball, tennis and more), and you can easily create your own. The app can create multiple user profiles for those who have the terrible task of sharing an iPad, and it also has the ability to sync with the iPhone/ iPod Touch iteration of iFitness.

It’s not all rosy though. There’s no landscape view (it’s my pet peeve when I turn the iPad and nothing happens), and I don’t really understand the concept of the app for those who are actually going to a gym (like, a real gym, with big-biceps behemoths); it’s fine having it at home, but the iPhone and iPod Touch version is more well-suited to other situations.

I hate tying an app down to a number out of another number; suffice to say, it was worth the $1.99 I spent on it for my iPod/iPhone, and it was equally worth the $4.99 for my iPad. Pick it up, and decide for yourself!

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