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Terra Web Browser For iPad Delivers Tabs, Full Screen & Offline Browsing

by on April 29th, 2011

There have been numerous web browsers released for iOS devices and, while a few of them are good, the majority can actually be more difficult to use than mobile Safari.

We first heard about “Terra web browser” (thanks @shelmart!) and have been testing it out for the past week. It seems to be as fast as Safari but includes many additional features that Safari itself would benefit from. It comes from the developers Readdle, makers of PDF Expert.

Some of the highlight features of Terra are unlimited tab browsing, swipe gestures, full-screen browsing, the ability to save web pages for offline reading, and my personal favorite is being able to activate “Desktop Browsing” (more on this in a moment).

Aside from these features, Terra has your standard iOS web browser features such as bookmarks with nested folder management (bookmarks may also be imported into iTunes), privacy modes to not track cookies/history and enable a password on the browser, image saving via tap/hold, and the ability to open documents by simply tapping on them.

Unlimited Tabs
Just like Safari has multiple window browsing, Terra brings actual tab browsing, where tabs sit under the URL bar. Even better is that users may create as many tabs as needed!

Full Screen Browsing
I don’t take advantage of this feature as much as I should, but Terra enables your browsing experience go to full-screen, taking full advantage of the iPad display. Users may also hide toolbars and tabs with one tap to use the entire display for browsing.

Save Web Pages
This is a great feature for those who don’t have the 3G iPad, are not near WiFi, or are unable to tether their iPad to a 3G-enabled device. The feature enables users to save web pages to read them offline at a later time. Even better, all images are preserved!

Swipe gestures
In classic iOS style, Terra enables the use of swipe gestures for easy navigation while surfing the web. Simply swipe your finger to navigate between tabs!

Desktop Browsing
Desktop Browsing is my most favorite feature. This feature basically turns Terra into Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox and enables desktop web browsing via the Terra browser through these other brands of web browsers.

I know, I know, why would you need IE7 on iPad?! Honestly I don’t, but many users do need it as there are still websites out there that only support IE. However this feature also enables desktop Safari.

Overall, Terra is a fantastic web browser and I only hope Apple brings these features to Safari! With all these features, Terra must cost a few dollars, right? Wrong.

Terra web browser is available in the App Store for free!

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