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Stream Media To Your iPad With Zumocast

by on September 13th, 2010

With only a 16G iPad, I don’t have enough space to fill it up with all the media I’d love to have with me. I also have lots of files that aren’t in the ‘official’ iPad format, for example I want to play avi and flv files, which the iPad does not natively support, and don’t want to spend all my time converting files.

Enter Zumocast, a free (universal) app that’s quickly become my ‘go to’ media consuming solution.

Once you install the app you’ll need to download the companion server for your Mac or PC. Once you’ve signed up for a (free) account you can stream movies and TV shows from your computer to your iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch), from practically any format (all the avi’s and flv’s I have tried so far work beautifully).

The quality has been perfect for every file I’ve tried so far, at least on my home wifi network. And if you do want that movie on your iPad, no problem, just hit the download button and it will transfer wirelessly. But be prepared to wait; it takes a while (depending on your connection speed).

The magic doesn’t stop there. You can also listen to (and download) music from your iTunes library, view your photos and even access other file formats (PDF’s, Word and Excel documents and so on). In fact, the only files I couldn’t seem to open with Zumocast were epubs and lit files.

So, although I’m excited about the VLC app’s imminent appearance, I’m loving Zumocast.

What media solution(s) do YOU use? Let us know in the comments below.

Download Zumocast

Danielle Saul is a technical writer and all round geeky chick. You can follow her on Twitter at @GeekyCh1ck

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  • Asiak


    Does anyone know a good alternative on the iPad for subscribing to (and keeping up with) video podcasts?

    I’m finding it annoying to have to sync with iTunes on my PC to get to the new content.

  • Ainyul

    how does this compare with air video? the same no??

  • Sweet–I’m going to try this. I’ve been using Air Video!

  • Hey Ainyul – they’re really similar, you’re right.

    But aesthetically and for ease of use, Zumocast wins for me. And it’s completely free 🙂

  • You could just listen to them streaming on the iPad via iTunes–if you’re near WiFi (or have a large data plan!).

  • jp42

    dang – wish this had been out months ago – i already paid for Air Video….

  • Laserheart

    Air Video requires you to convert the videos to file formats the iPad natively supports.

    Zumocast has an internal conversion/codec playback system, so it natively plays files without conversion.

    This makes it heads over heels better than other solutions that require time consuming (and quality degrading) file conversion processes.

    The only bad thing about Zumocast is that it requires a server app. I don’t see the purpose of this, other than being able to locate your computer over the commodity internet.

    The server app they have also isn’t compatible with PowerPC processors, which really limits using a PowerMac as your video server.

  • Air Video converts media over the air, just like Zumocast. However, Zumocast
    is…FREE! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    does it play mkv too?

  • Laserheart

    Yes, apparently, although I haven’t tried it.

  • The app can’t stream any DRM’ed content, including all movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store.

  • Anonymous

    Hey @Asiak, have you tried Drivecast? There’s a free app that lets you sync with (but not manage) a (free) online account. It’s pretty good and even gets podcasts before they’re available on iTunes. The website is: http://drivecast.eu/login/

    (There’s also a paid Drivecast iPhone app ($2,99) that lets you manage your podcasts but it’s not available (yet?) for the iPad)

    Hope this helps! 🙂

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