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Review: Boston.com’s Big Picture App

by on September 7th, 2010

Photogs and photo-junkies alike would most likely agree on two things.

1. The iPad is a great device to display gorgeous photography.

2. The Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog showcases some of the best photos from around the world.

Given that, you’d think that an iPad Big Picture app from the Boston Globe would be a match made in heaven. It pains me to say that this is, unfortunately, not the case.

The app itself is quite simple and intuitive. It pulls in photos from the blog, and allows you to scroll through them as you would any other photo gallery. And like other photo gallery apps [like the Fotopedia one I reviewed a few weeks back], you can share the photos through Facebook, Twitter, or email. The problem, however, lies with the execution, and the value users would get from the app itself.

Buggy App

Bugs in the Application

The app, unfortunately, is slow, clunky and buggy. Compared to other photo gallery apps, it feels like there’s a noticeable load time when the app starts up and the photos are initially downloaded from the Boston.com servers. Furthermore, when I was selecting various galleries within the app, there was a tendency for some gallery descriptions to be displayed off the screen. There were even a few moments when I wondered how Apple even approved such a buggy application at all.

Value for value, I also don’t see the need to pay $2.99 for something that I can get for free via Boston.com. The app only allows users to view the most recent 5 photo galleries from the site, whereas it’s a simple matter of going back through the web-archives through Safari.

At this time, I find it hard to recommend this app to anyone. Even with bug fixes, it certainly seems like it’s just easier to add a bookmark to the blog to the home screen directly. Besides, bookmarks are free.

Boston.com’s Big Picture App – $2.99 [App Store, Boston.com Big Picture Blog]

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