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Reading With GoodReader For iPad

by on April 13th, 2010

If you have ever had the need to find an easier way to read documents on your iPad, such as large PDF or TXT files, check out GoodReader.

GoodReader by Good.iWare

Users familiar with the iPhone version of GoodReader will be right at home with the iPad version that is now scaled to perfectly fit the large iPad display.

GoodReader for iPad is a fantastic app for quickly navigating and reading large documents such as PDF’s that are 100MB or more in size. What’s really great is the speed and load time that these large files run at.

Another really fantastic feature of GoodReader is its ability to transfer files from multiple sources such as iTunes, over a local WiFi network, the Internet, or from email attachments. GoodReader further integrates very well with Google Docs, Dropbox, box.net, and MobileMe iDisk, among others.

One of the other interesting features of GoodReader is something called PDF Reflow. This feature extracts pure text from PDF files and wraps words. What this does is format all of the text to the iPad display so that users need not scroll left or right to properly read the text. It is essentially full-screen reading.

If users need to zoom into text or into a particular image or object, users can use the built-in 50x zoom function to zoom into the item without distorting the image or object.

Within these large full-screen documents is a PDF hyperlink feature that serves as the navigation for the document to let users jump back and forth throughout the text. Documents also include a Text Search that allows for instant location of a particular word or string of text.

Aside from PDF and TXT support, GoodReader supports the following formats:

  • Microsoft Office: .doc, .ppt, .xls
  • iWork ’08/’09 extensions
  • HTML and Safari web archives
  • High resolution images

The app also supports audio and video.

The convenience of GoodReader comes from being able to put all sorts of documents into the app, whether books, documents, images, maps, or videos and then having access to all of the content from a single source.

GoodReader is available in the App Store for $0.99.

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