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Pulse VS Mobile RSS HD – on iPhoneAppGirl.com

by on July 17th, 2010

I just published an article on my site that I think would be of interest to most readers here.

Here’s the intro, link to the full article below;

One of the first reviews I did for my site after relaunch earlier this year was a rundown of a few RSS reader Apps for the iPhone, by lucky happenstance I found one that suited every one of my needs. For a while. Then, I got an iPad and reading RSS reeds on my tiny iPhone display seemed archaic and I was on the hunt once again for a bigger, better Reader App.

All of a sudden there was a flurry of news about Pulse, the RSS reader that Steve Jobs had used during his iPad demo, and the NY Times fallout therein. Pulse was brought to my attention and I was more than intrigued, “I must try this” I said to myself. And then then said it in email form to the good folks at Alphonzo Labs and they graced me with a promo code.

Unfortunately I couldn’t just dive-in, as Pulse was still very much a work in progress, and did not yet have two of the most important features I need in an RSS App – Google Reader support and offline caching. The second was particularly important to me on the iPad as I have a wifi only version. So i waited patiently for the next update, which promised these features.

In the meantime I was simply itching to try the iPad version of the iPhone App that won the original search into the ideal RSS reader for me – Mobile RSS, who launched their own iPad App, a bigger ‘HD’ version even. However getting in touch with the developers turned into a harrowing experience eventually i did get in touch with them and they were gracious enough to also provide me with a promo copy.

Pulse was updated, boasting of my long awaited favorite features, and the showdown could begin. Read the whole story on iPhoneAppGirl.com …


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