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My Top 5 Favourite iPad Apps At the Moment

by on April 10th, 2010

I got my iPad early last week and I’ve been putting this puppy to the test. It’s a gorgeous device and I’ll have my review up shortly. In the meantime, if you just picked up an iPad from the USA (hopefully Canada will get the iPad on April 24th), here are some of my favourite apps so far (in no particular order) you should download:

1. The Guardian Eyewitness – this app lets you view some breathtaking news photography taken all over the world. A partnership with Canon also offers ‘tips’ on how the photographer went about composing their shot.

2. USA Today – the layout of this newspaper app is awesome. Feels like holding a real newspaper when the iPad is in your hands.

3. Epicurious – this is another gem in the iPad App Store and is free to boot. 1000’s of recipes at your fingertips in an easy to navigate format. Who wants to bake me some cookies??

4. SkyGrid – want to find the ‘hottest’ news that’s trending? SkyGrid will show you the goods you’re looking for. Taking advantage of the latest two column layout, you can quickly skim through the latest news topics on the net.

5. Weather HD – this was one of the first apps I purchased based on the recommendation of a friend. With its crystal clear animations, it’s a fun way of checking the weather forecast and really shows off the iPhone’s awesome LCD screen.

Other notables: Tweetdeck, Yahoo! Entertainment, Marvel, NASDAQ.

What are your favourite iPad apps at the moment? Share them in the comments!

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