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My review of Uno for the iPad

by on September 3rd, 2010

So I bought Uno because it is a game that my kids and I appreciate and I hoped that we could actually all play it together on the new device.

The game has a very familiar look since it uses the same look as the original card game so we are in familiar territory. It offers a couple of game modes which I will detail below.

Single player modes

The single player mode is interesting since it can happen often that the person wanting to play is alone for some of the games. You can choose from a Quick play mode which allows you to simply play a quick game or a full game with either tournament or custom rules.

I wish the game would allow the player to choose who is currently playing but as with many other games I have seen so far, the iPad is considered a one person device. If a different player starts playing Uno, they usually simply end up continuing where the previous player left off.

Multiple player modes

There are 3 different multiple player modes: online multiplayer, local multiplayer and single device multiplayer. The online multiplayer mode requires to register on the gameloft live site and unfortunately the registration from within the application crashed the app each time I tried it. Not very successful. And no, I did not try to contact technical support in this case.

The local multiplayer mode is supposed to let you create a local game with multiple devices over wifi. The drawback is that you need multiple devices to play and for the moment I had no access to more than one device.

The single device multiple player mode forces you to pass the iPad around between players and the receiving player acknowledges reception before his cards are shown. The main problem with that mode is that while you do not have the iPad in hand, you can’t look at your cards and strategize. You can also easily loose track of where other players are because you might not see everything that goes on while other players have the iPad in hand. In other words, the single device multiple player mode makes continuity a bit tougher. 

The interface and gameplay

When playing the game, selecting the card you want to play is a little difficult. That part of the interface really needs to be polished. The gameplay is sometimes a little difficult to follow since the computer moves faster than what a normal person might and you really have to pay attention to see what is going on because there is no social interaction. Another issue I have with the interface is that it forces the use of the iPad with the home button on the right which does not work well when using the iPad case folded so that it sits at an angle. The application does not rotate to match the angle at which you hold the iPad.

The Verdict

Uno in single player mode is entertaining although the selection of cards is little quirky, but for “local” multi player gameplay, I suggest that you simply go buy a deck of cards and play with the real thing, it makes game play that much better.

My rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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