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iNotes For iPad + Giveaway

by on July 21st, 2010

From the maker of Voice Card, an iPhone app that allows users to create fantastic greeting cards with a personalized touch, comes a new app called iNotes for iPad.

iNotes by Anson Li

iNotes aims to replace your standard pen and notebook set up. When the iPad launched in Canada, the device and the Pages app quickly replaced binders of paper and endless notebooks.

While Pages is great for large typing projects, I always used the standard Notes app to make inputs about a task or idea.

The one thing that was always lacking in the standard Notes app was the inability to draw anything, as the Notes app was only for text. When I saw this new app iNotes, all of that changed.

iNotes can do everything that I want the standard iPad Notes app to do. With iNotes, aside from inputting text, users can free-hand draw, apply highlights, input photos (and edit them!), or add a web page or map snapshot to the note.

For large notes, iNotes allows users to search within the notes to find specific text. Once a note is complete, users can leave the note in the app or export it as a PDF document to a Mac or PC.

There are a lot of notes related apps out there, but I find iNotes to be a clean and comprehensive app that includes many of the features that I have always wanted in a simple notes application.

iNotes is available in the App Store for $3.99.


If you would like a copy of iNotes, I have TWO copies to give away to iPadinCanada.ca readers!

To win, tell me how you would benefit from iNotes!

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends July22, 2010 at 1:30AM PST.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.

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  • Jason

    I've been looking for something more substantial than iPad's built-in Notes app!

  • Jcambers

    I could benefit with this app as musician. When I'm joting down notes for lyrics, I can also use something like this to draw in chord and musical ideas in and around the lyrics. Pretty intuituive little app.

  • x00carly

    I use my iPad to type notes in class but sometimes the teacher draws a diagram for the class to copy down and this would be absolutely brilliant for that purpose! Thanks guys! 🙂

  • Jay

    I always write messy and I need this!! 🙂

  • Andrew

    I'm heading back to university in the fall and would like to be able to leave my laptop at home and just bring my iPad. iNotes would facilitate this!

  • Jennifer L.

    I love this because I'm a writer and this would let me write anywhere…I could jot down notes as soon as they occurred to me.

  • I used to have something like this on my old Palm PDA. My wife loved it for doodling and leaving me notes.
    [email protected]

  • iVictoria

    When my girls awake in the morning the first thing they do is turn on their iPads and check out their new e-mail. With iNotes loaded on my kids iPads it would allow me to leave little reminders for them each morning like: “feed the fish”, “feed the dog”, “make your bed” or “return that video” – what a nice little App!

  • Olivier L.

    Writing my daily duty for my next morning scrum!

  • Michael

    I like to doodle in meetings, also because my dog always eats my note pad!

  • digik9

    Taking notes in meetings or class. I use notes right now, but would love to be able to add drawings

  • G Pederson

    I can use this instead of my work notepad finally.

  • Matt D.

    In the fall I will be entering into the first year of a Masters program in Geological Sciences. An app such as this would facilitate my needs greatly by allowing me to easily take notes in classes without lugging books, binders, and various pens around with me. The drawing/sketching functionality of the app would be great, as a lot of information presented in the geological sciences is in the form of diagrams or charts/graphs; this makes using an application like Pages ultimately redundant, as I need a spare sheet of looseleaf next to me anyways.

  • ArcAngelmd

    Finally a good app for sketching my nude self portraits! Diggity.

  • Xiantayne

    iNotes is the very type of application that I bought the iPad for. To be able to use my iPad as a litteral “Paperless Office” and to take both hand-written and typed notes during business meetings.

  • Scribbler

    I'm curious about the iNote application, especially since you can draw, write or add photos into the application which the standard one included can't do. That's what I would use it for — to do hand-written notes, since I can't type very well with the iPad keyboard.

  • ColPat

    Going into my second year of Uni. This would be a huge benefit because I wouldn't have to lug aroung my laptop I can carry my 1.5lb iPad instead

  • imerc08

    This app would be perfect for taking notes in class! I always forget to bring a pen with me anyway… but never will I forget to bring my iPad! 🙂

  • dash8311

    I would like this because I want a white background on notes, vs. the poor yellow one Apple gives you…

  • Bucho

    Everyone I show my iPad to is blown away (and I was recently in Redmond). With this app, I'll probably have to carry stock with me cause I'm sure I'd be able to sell them on the spot.

  • bcb

    I would use this instead of my MacBook Pro & MacJournal to take notes during meetings – with those I'm limited to text-only notes

  • drawing + typing on the fly is my kinda poison, this sounds good to me.

  • drawing + typing = versatility, that's what we're talking about. Sweet.

  • Andrew

    i write notes all the time…this would be a bit different especially since i just bought a pogo sketch

  • John

    The sketching ability will be a big improvement over just being able to type notes.

  • Ex


    – x00carly
    – Xiantayne