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iDleFrame Picture Frame For iPad + Giveaway

by on May 27th, 2010

iDleFrame is a picture frame for the iPad but that also includes a clock, the time, and date/calendar with the photo slideshow.

iDleFrame by Sponticelli

iDleFrame allows users to turn their iPad into a digital picture frame that also includes the current time, date, and calendar during the photo slides. While the iPad does already include a digital picture frame feature, iDleFrame essentially adds the clock and calendar functions.

The app can be used in portrait or landscape orientation. In portrait, photos are shown with an overlay of the clock, calendar, and date on the photos. The app includes a lot of customization in that users can change the appearance of app features or remove them entirely.

While in portrait, tapping once on the iPad display will reveal small on-screen controls that allow users to make changes to the photos or clock/calendar functions.

In landscape orientation, photos are shown with the clock on the right side and the calendar/date on the left side. Once again, tapping once on the iPad screen will reveal the settings button to allow users to customize the available options.

Photos within the app can be grouped by album and further modified using templates for photo placement and behavior such as zooming/panning during the slideshow. Photos also be set to full screen and any photos not in full screen may have a background attached to them so to cover the empty perimeter space. The app includes a few default backgrounds but users can use their own custom ones too.

The app adds a marginal amount of value to the iPad only because the iPad picture frame feature does not include a full-blown clock or date/calendar without tapping on the display.

iDleFrame is available in the App Store for $2.99.

The app does have a free lite version that limits photos to eight and includes ads, but the lite version will give you a good idea of how the app operates.


If you want to try iDleFrame, I have TWO copies to give away to iPadinCanada.ca readers!

To win, simply post your thoughts about the app below!

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends May 28, 2010 at 1:30AM PST.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.

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  • Rick

    Good idea!. I actually have the iPad for about 2 weeks and haven't put my pictures in it because I didn't like the slideshow/picture frame effect. I was missing the time!

  • wuju

    This app would be the reason I would want to take my iPad out of the Apple case and set it ontop of the Apple dock to use the iPad as a picture frame. Would love to win it. 🙂

  • Jason

    I like the various clock display formats, especially in the first screenshot above.
    May try the lite version!

  • Blaine Walsh

    I'll definitely check this app out…I have a lot of pictures that will go on my iPad and I would love be able to use it as a frame with the clock and time included…cool

  • yvrgal

    This app sounds sweet! I always wanted to get a digital frame for work so I can have a slideshow of my family pictures on my work desk. With my iPad coming in on Friday, I can definitely use this app. :-))) Now all I need is to get an iPad stand.

  • Steve

    I really love the idea of having pictures and time at the same time… That app would be the perfect frame (pics and time)…. especially i have no real clock in my room (except my iphone or mac). Now just waiting my iPad tomorrow 🙂

  • macmarty

    This is a very interesting concept. I like the idea a lot. That could be a perfect XMAS present.

  • Really cool app… can't wait for tomorow… let's go fed ex… iPad now in memphis!

  • myodie

    Adding the calendar and date to a picture frame is the only way I'd run this on my iPad.

  • iPad makes for an absolutely awesome digital photo frame for a coffee table. An app like this will just make this even more presentable.

  • Pierre

    I am a big fan of the digital frames and this soothes my need to not buy one, but use my iPad as a digital frame. Love this app!!

  • Nascar Dog

    I like it. I think I will purchase it.

  • Wiliam Anderson

    This digital frame looks like a winner for sure

  • Doug Moss

    I have always thought that digital picture frames should look more sleek and high tech, as opposed to those that try and hide themselves in a classic style frame. The iPad while not in use will finally fit the bill perfectly. Programs such as this will help add even more functionality to an already amazing device.

  • Steve Chan

    Good idea. I had justified the cost of the ipad by not buying a photoframe. I will certainly try this app out when I get my hands on my ipad tomorrow.

  • Edge

    Now my dilemma, to go to the store to pick up a 32GB and miss the 16GB arriving at my house. If I get one, no loss, if not, and I miss the delivery…..

  • Wow, why didn't Apple build this into the iPad as a screensaver? Oh well, this is probably much better. My wife's boss will love to have this for his pre-ordered iPad!

  • Andrew

    Cool, will try this out tomorrow as soon as it arrives.


    For not filling up the ipad with apps that are valuable for it's novelty, then deleted a week later, this app shows promise to stay on your home screen. All that's left is to see it in action.

  • Fritz

    I have a great spot for an iPad on a dock with this app running, on an end table just within reach during TV time. Unfortunately, my two year old has a very different idea about the iPad.

  • Mike Engbers

    Love the mixture of calendar, time and photos… to me that allows my iPad to be more functional when I'm not hands on using it.

  • Rachael

    Looks intriguing. I may have to try out the lite version first.

  • Lisa

    I would like to think that this would last longer than any of the picture frames we have bought over the years. We are lucky to get one year out of them. So I'm interested to see how this will work on my ipad (when I get it)

  • jpraadt

    This sort of thing would be great for leaving the iPad in the dock while charging, plus a great way to show off your pictures!

  • radovich

    WOW, this software is so cute as good as aneesoft 3d flash! I will try it.

  • iVictoria

    Okay, I have 5 kids, a wife and a dog and I have thousands upon thousands of snapshots of hockey games, birthday parties, soccer games, graduations, summer vacations, Christmas holidays, etc… – how cool would it be to display all of those photos on the iPad? Plus, with the built in clock I would never miss another school performance. I must have this app!

  • Winners:

    – Rick
    – Shriya

  • Serge Ayotte

    A great app from a Canadian (amd I will admit a co-worker LOL!)
    Way to go Sal! Keep those GREAT apps coming!!

  • Serge Ayotte

    A great app from a Canadian (amd I will admit a co-worker LOL!)
    Way to go Sal! Keep those GREAT apps coming!!

  • iDleFrame Picture Frame is really looking one of the multi featured frame. And It’s really good to know about that iDleFrame for the iPad is really includes clock, time, date, calendar and many more. And the contains of the presentation of this digital frame is really so cool. And the second thing is orientation, just fabulous of this digital frame.