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Flip Through Your News With Flipboard

by on September 16th, 2011


For years the newspaper and magazine has been the go-to way to finding news. Newspapers being local, while magazines are coined as ‘personalized’. The reality is that those magazines aren’t personalized per-se, they’re more restricted to a specific category of news. The first successful personal news source is RSS. While ever popular on computers, reading multiple RSS feeds is visually equal to that of reading a bland web page from the dawn of the internet itself. Changing that completely is Flipboard.

Flipboard is alike to other RSS visualizers such as Zite and Editions where they replicate the look and feel of a magazine, but exchange the chapters with different feeds. The thing that differentiates Flipboard from it’s competitors is its simplicity. Zite and Editions allow you to choose topics such as technology, biking, gardening, and they go out into the wild, find sources of interesting news, and present them to you. What you lose from that formula is the core of the personalization, choosing what you want to read. Some people like to read Lonely Planet over The National Geographic and that decision should be represented within their magazine.


Flipboard’s algorithm for finding news is really simple. Tap an empty chapter square, select your catagory (technology, music, etc.), select your source (iPhoneinCanada, The Rolling Stone, The New Yorker) and you immediately get a new chapter that is dedicated to your chosen source. If you want curators alike to Zite and Editions, there are feeds that are titled “tech” and “gaming” that go out and find sources and posts for you. Having this amount of control makes Flipboard truly personal.

On top of the ease of finding what you want to read, Flipboard is as it sounds, a magazine you can ‘flip’. Flipping through pages is not only easy and straight forward, but for those not entirely comfortable with a computer, being able to flip as you would on a real magazine is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise awkward digital world. Making people feel comfortable as they read is essential to making sure they are paying attention to the content rather than getting to the content itself.

My last comment about this app is that I think everyone who is an avid reader of multiple blogs, news sources, and feeds should take a look at Flipboard.

Click here to download Flipboard

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