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DiggMixer For iPad

by on August 12th, 2010

DiggMixer is the latest Digg app to the hit the iPad App Store and it delivers several unique features not found in other Digg apps.

DiggMixer by Wagoosh

DiggMixer gives users a personalized interface for news stories on their iPad. Within the app, a “story mixer” (like a DJ mixer) has faders that control how many stories a user can view in each topic. This makes managing stories very simple since users control how many stories are seen.

For additional content management, the trash can in the app holds old stories so that they do not appear in the current list but the old stories are still available to users from the trash. Users can also save stories to a favorites list, even if the story has been moved to the trash.

To keep things organized, the app groups stories by topic and sorts stories by popularity. A timer, counting down every 10 minutes in the bottom left corner of the app, automatically fetches the latest stories, however users can “pause” the timer. There is also a “more” button that will fetch older stories if the current story list is too short.

The app also allows for a nice degree of user input. Users can post comments directly from the app, eliminating the need to exit and open Safari. Users can further vote for comments and watch them move up and down in real time as the comments receive positive and negative votes.

DiggMixer is an unofficial Digg application built using the Digg API. As Digg updates the API, new features will be added to DiggMixer. Overall, DiggMixer provides a clean interface for news on the iPad and delivers some unique features not yet found on other Digg apps.

DiggMixer is available in the iPad App Store for $1.99.

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