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Could the iPad Make Board Games Redundant?

by on March 1st, 2010

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While recently playing Monopoly on my iPhone with three others, it became clear that playing this on the iPad would be a totally different experience. Not only do software versions of a games allow for animation, sounds, statistics, speed and customization, but also the ability to carry with you countless board games in one slim device.

Now you may believe that a laptop can serve the same purpose, but take a look at the very design on a laptop: a two-piece body where the screen rises to create a wall between you and the person in front of you. Hardly a socially inviting design. The iPad will allow for a more open feel to share a group experience. The board can be rotated, multiple games can be saved and played later, and pens and paper are not required either. It’s easy and fast, and not to mention the majority of these games cost under $10.

Unless you have the real urge to feel the paper monopoly money in your hands (for which you probably are the type to buy books over an e-reader), the iPad can serve as a rather impressive substitute – provided you can get used to the virtual dice.

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