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CineXPlayer: Play Xvid Files On iPad For Free!

by on August 11th, 2010

To think that the following app is free is crazy!

CineXPlayer, an app just recently submitted to the iPad App Store, allows users to watch movies on their iPad.

But wait a second, you can already do that by putting a movie into iTunes and syncing it over to the iPad. So what gives?

What makes CineXPlayer unique is that the app allows users to play popular video formats such as Xvid and AVI right on their iPad without any file conversation! Using this app, users can quickly transfer Xvid/AVI videos to the iPad with ease.

The app delivers an extremely useful function with a clean user interface that further allows users to resume stopped videos with convenient playback controls. The app also allows for a convenient swipe to delete function to manage videos.

Even if you never watch videos on your iPad, download this app anyway. It is free and available now in the iPad App Store.

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  • Speedy1701

    Some AVI's won't play, or won't play with sound.
    Probably missing codecs.

  • I've got this app last weekend and I was surprised to see something like this for the iPad, I just wish a version will come soon for the iPhone. I also had some AVI not playing but not many, maybe 1 in 5 I tried. This app alone made me question if I should have got the 64GB iPad.

  • Lumber

    Use Oplayer or YxPlayer also on the App store. I have never had issues with codecs for them. Been in the app store far longer than CineX has and far better. Strange that CineX got all the publicity, maybe cause it was free? These two cost $4.99 though but worth it if you wanna skip the avi -> mp4 conversions.

  • Speedy1701

    Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately the reviews for both weren't too promising … save the $5!!!

  • wuju

    the one avi file I sync didn't work. 🙁

  • I'm super surprised that Apple allows this. I mean, grateful, of course, coz YAY, but wow. Thought this would have to be a Jailbroken Function. Glad it's not.

  • Stlai11

    Almost all the files I tried didn't work. One file had sound but no picture.

  • Wasgo

    Oplayer has been great for me.

  • Speedy1701

    OPlayerHD Lite just got released. I'll give it a shot. If if works, I'll get the full version.
    Thanks guys/gals for all your opinions.
    This site rocks (because Canadians rocks!)

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