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Canadian Divers Utilizing the iPad to their Advantage at London 2012 Olympics

by on July 28th, 2012

The iPad has become an essential tool at the London 2012 Olympics, changing the way diving coaches are able to show and instruct video to divers. Aaron Dziver coaches Canadian Olympians Alexandre Despatie, Reuben Ross, and Jennifer Abel.

Dziver notes the iPad has become a common sight during international competitions as it has allowed coaches to immediately record and analyze dives. London 2012 marks the first games for the iPad as it wasn’t available during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics:

“When we have a video that can back up a statement by a coach, that really helps the diver understand what needs to be done on the next repetition,” said Dziver.

But the iPad can do so much more. Add some apps, and its versatility soars for coaches. Dziver uses an app called Baseball Coach Plus HD and adapts it for diving. With it, he is able to superimpose one image over another. This helps him to take two videos of an athlete and lay them on top of each other. This enables the coach and diver to make even the tiniest of adjustments.

Traditional video analyzing software, Dartfish, has been utilized by top athletes such as Canadian figure skater Patrick Chan and used in other sports such as golf and tennis to record and analyze athletes. The difference? Dartfish pricing starts at $1000. Baseball Coach Plus HD? It’s $2.99 in the App Store. Of course, the two aren’t the same but it just goes to show how iOS developers have come a long way in creating some incredible apps.

Dziver recalls how he saw the Australians being all over the iPad just prior to the world aquatic championships in Shanghai held almost a year ago. Tong Hui, a former coach of Canadian athletes was ‘a fanatic with the iPad’ as he filmed every dive from his divers, essentially pioneering the iPad in the pool. Dziver quickly caught on and is now also uses the iPad as an indispensable tool. Let’s hope it can lead to the podium.

Good luck to Team Canada at London 2012!

[via The Globe and Mail]

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