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Calendar VS Saisuke for iPad on iPhoneAppGirl.com

by on July 24th, 2010

Hey iPadders, another article that I wrote over on my site that I think you’ll really like. I got into crazy detail about how SaiSuke (Google Calendars App) is better in every way to the built-in Calendar App. Here’s the intro, and the link to the full article on iPhoneAppGirl.com, I hope you enjoy!

A little over a year ago, I did a rundown/review of Google Sync VS SaiSuke for iPhoneinCanada.ca, which was when the ability to sync wirelessly your Google Calendars to your iOS device was still relatively new. If you could imagine a time when you physically had to sync your calendar within iTunes, it seems so long ago!

This was when I started to use my Google Calendar pretty hardcore. Like, every day pretty much. While I eventually got out of the habit of using it on my iPhone all together, once I got my iPad I knew that I’d get right back into the saddle, needing to have my updated calendar with me at all times, and most importantly, being able to update my Calendar on the go.

So, I started to use the built-in Calendar App. While it worked just fine, I really found the interaction with the software to be… almost annoying. I know that it seems like a bit anal to say, but not having the ability to swipe from month to month was the straw that broke my back into seeking out and trying SaiSuke for the iPad. I needed to see if there was a better way! I’d been so impressed with SaiSuke for iPhone I was overjoyed (and not too surprised) that they made SaiSuke for iPad.

I’m going to try to be fair in my review here, but this might just end up being a post explaining why SaiSuke is better at everything.

A few things I should mention first. One. SaiSuke is only for Google Calendar Users, so you need to be using Google Calendars (if you use iCal or Outlook or whatever, you can sync with Google Calendar and then use SaiSuke this way, see the Google Calendar Help for more info on Syncing.).

Secondly, this is a very detailed review, and I’m trying to cover nearly all aspects of using the Apps, however if I miss something, or if you have a question about a specific feature I didn’t detail or procedure I failed to mention, please feel free to comment. I’ll reply with as many details as I can muster.

Here goes: Read the Full Article on iPhoneAppGirl.com


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