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AG Wine App Review & Another New Writer

by on August 20th, 2010

Seems like there’s a new writer introducing themselves to the site every day, and today is no different!

I’m Sam, and like all the other writers here, I’m definitely in love with my iPad. It’s probably the last thing I put away before bed, and the first thing I wake up to. I use it as my primary computer while I’m traveling, and I’ll be happy to share and discuss productivity tips and tricks with all of you soon. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @scwleung.

Another one of my passions is food, wine, and drink, which brings us to my first review here.

The AG Wine app comes from the folks at approachguides.¬†Unlike other wine apps out there, they chose to strip away the confusing and arbitrary scoring information and focused in a bit on the history of the wine, as well as the taste and possible food pairings. In doing so, they’ve managed to simplify a topic that was always seen as too complex and made wine accessible to most people. Despite that though, the AG Wine folks may have over-simplified it.

While the app gives a good overview of different types of wine, it doesn’t really help me pick out my next bottle. By simplifying away brands and vintages, they also took away the ability to find similar wines to ones I previously enjoyed. Furthermore, the app currently only features 3 regions – Italy, Spain & Chile, which is quite limiting for a wine app. I’m hoping the app will be updated in the future with more regions [especially with Canadian wines!]

Still, if you’re out at a restaurant and need to impress your fellow diners with a wine pick, the AG Wine app is definitely the one I’d turn to. For $1.99, it’s not a bad investment to learn a bit more about wine and enjoy something new the next time you’re out.

The app [and wines in general] is suitable for ages 17+. Please drink responsibly.

AG Wine – $1.99 [App Store, Homepage]

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