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A review of the game Cooking Academy for the iPad

by on September 10th, 2010

I don’t recall how or where I discovered the game Cooking Academy and installed it on the iPad, but it is by far my kids’ current favorite game on the iPad.

Is it because they like helping out in the kitchen once in a while and feel that they are learning recipes? Is it because we watch the Food network with them sometimes? I don’t know. OK, I admit that the game is actually made for the iPhone, but is pretty nice looking on the iPad and the size of the iPad’s display definitely helps kids play this game.

The premise

The premise is fairly straight forward. There is a cookbook and you need to learn to make and master each recipe in the book. There are 10 recipes for each meal level separated in the following categories: appetizers, breakfast, lunch, dinner and deserts. If you have seen the show “Chef Academy” on TV, this is all very familiar.

Game play

Each recipe has a learning mode where you can get familiar with the different steps required to complete the recipe. Note that you do not need to learn the recipe by heart (although it might help for speed) but you may want to practice some of the steps before trying it out for real.

Each recipe is a multi-step process and as you complete each step, you are scored on execution and speed of completion. When the recipe is completed, your score for each step is added up and you get rated from A+ to fail based on your results.

Luckily even if you get a lower grade for a recipe, you can retry it and improve on it. As you complete recipes to a certain level, the higher levels of the game unlock and you can also get awards based on your performance.

The recipes require you to interact with the iPad in multiple ways.

  • Slicing uses a sliding movement
  • Chopping uses a tapping movement
  • Grating asks you to tilt the iPad from side to side
  • Flipping food in a pan asks you to use a jerking movement up

Once you have mastered the recipes for one of the meal levels, you can try your hand at the exam which will allow you to move on to the next meal level.

The verdict

Since each recipe can be completed in a few minutes, it provides for very manageable achievement for kids and only the completion of multiple recipes will unlock the higher levels which provides a very achievable goal. There are enough recipes included in the game to keep you busy for a while and I have noticed that the kids go back to recipes with lower scores to try and improve them.

All in all I think this application is well worth the 0.99$ for it.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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