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Use Your iPad Outside With Glider Gloves For iPad

by on January 10th, 2011

Over the last several weeks, our local Vancouver weather has gone from snow/cold to freezing rain/ice. In short, it’s unpleasant to be outside and the cold weather makes using my iPad almost impossible due to my iced fingers.

To curb this, I’ve been using a pair of Glider Gloves which are those gloves that everyone has heard about that allow users to use their iPad (or other touchscreen devices)¬†with gloves on while also keeping their fingers warm.

Glider Gloves by MobileMore

Glider Gloves are a thermally insulated touchscreen compatible winter glove. Made from a blend of synthetic thermal micro-fibers, conductive yarns, and a light stretch, these gloves allow users to tap, swipe, and flick on their iPad.

The gloves are also a comfortable and suitable glove for everyday use. When used with a touchscreen device such as the iPad, I’ve noticed no delay or reduction in touch sensitivity and typing accuracy. It’s as if I’m not wearing any gloves!

As for sizing, Glider Gloves are available in two sizes: Medium/Large and Small/Extra Small. Due to the stretch material, users need not worry about finger length or hand width. Choose the glove you feel will fit and the glove will adjust to you. There is also only one color, Static Black, with more coming soon.

Glider Gloves are available online or in stores at one of the company’s participating retail outlets. In my search, I couldn’t find any local outlets with inventory, so it’s probably easier to order online.

From the online store, the gloves are available for shipping in Canada and USA. Canada Post takes care of logistics, and international orders should visit the Glider Glove eBay listing. Buyers also qualify for free shipping in Canada and US with Canada Post Lettermail service and U.S.A. Letter-post service. Shipping with tracking and insurance coverage is also available at check out.

So if you need Gloves that keep your hands and fingers warm, while also allowing you to use your iPad, check out the Glider Gloves available from the Glider Gloves online store for $24.99.

Also, as an exclusive iPhoneinCanada.ca bonus, input promotional code ‘iphone‘ during checkout to receive $5.00 off of your order of Glider Gloves! This promotion expires January 17, 2011.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks good! How do these compare to the popular and slightly cheaper Agloves, which currently are only sold in the USA? I assume these are also iPhone compatible too, not just iPad right

  • Ex

    All touchscreens!

  • Mark

    I bought a pair of Mechanix Gloves from Canadian Tire and they work just as well. Watch the flyers because they are always on sale at 40% off. They are sold in the automotive parts section.

  • Anonymous

    Which mechanix gloves did you get? There’s quite a few styles on the CT site

  • Mark

    They are the Mechanix FastFit Gloves (Product #25-7089-0). CT only has the Blue ones posted on line but they are sold in Yellow and Red as well. I’m using them with my iPad and iPhone 4. Makes texting outside a breeze.


  • Anonymous

    I just tried to use the coupon code ‘iphone’ but the site says it expired January 16, 2011, not January 17!!!!!!