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Tabzu: The iPad Case Re-imagined [Kickstarter]

by on September 25th, 2012

A new Kickstarter project by the name of Tabzu is an innovative iPad case that promises to deliver art and functionality in one sleek eco-friendly package. Referred to as “the cradle of art and technology”, Tabzu is an iPad cradle designed and developed by FX and graphic designers Leo Garza and Martin Meunier of Smidgeco from San Francisco.

Tabzu for iPad features a patent pending leg grabbing system, a new presentation mode as well as a customizable cover that uses our own water-resistant recyclable composite, making it eco-friendly. According to the developers, it is the only carrying case that allows you to secure the iPad to your leg and not hinder the case’s ability to be placed on a flat surface.

Other devices are bulky and not INTEGRATED into the design of the case. Now with Tabzu you can be hands free wherever you go.

The reason Tabzu holds to your legs without slipping is achieved thru a series of foam rubber pads that offer friction. Our grabbing system folds perfectly FLAT. This allows the Tabzu to also be placed on a horizontal surface. 

You can even secure the Tabzu on the couch, and the grabber is gentle enough to not bother your leg, but strong enough to secure it.

The device also features a 360-degree Presentation mode, the ability to cater to tablets of different sizes (the Nook, the Nexus 7 and even an iPhone) and a customizable cover, allowing users to express individual creativity via their tablet case.

The project has already raised $12,819 (with a $20,000 goal) from 166 bakers with 33 more days to go. You can reserve a Tabzu for as low as $30.

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